European Modernism Between The WWs

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    • Dali, The Persistence of Memory
    • Surrealism

    • portray the uncanny quality of certain dreams. elements referring to time are juxtaposed with a single living fly and swarming ants.
    • Magritte, Time Transfixed
    • Surrealism

    • juxtaposed two familiar objects in order to create an unfamiliar object. convey a impression of immobility and timelessness.
  1. Picasso, Guernica

    • combined analytic and synthetic cubist forms with several traditional motifs juxtaposing them in a new surrealist way. serves a political message about the war. theme of death and dying. absence of color enhances the journalistic quality.
    • Arp, Collage Arranged According to the Laws of Chance
    • Dada

    • animated the image and created the impression that the shapes are trying to arrange themselves.
    • Duchamp, Fountain
    • Dada

    • connects the idea of a fountain and a urinating male which in fact has been the subject of actual and painted fountains.
  2. Dix, Dr. Meyer Hermann
    • Miro, Dog Barking at the Moon
    • Surrealism
    • imaginary motifs that are often reminicent of childhood.
    • Duchamp, replica of L.H.O.O.Q.
    • Dada

    • comments on leonardos homosexuality and on sexual ambiguity of the mona lisa herself.

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European Modernism Between The WWs
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