Remarriage and Stepparenting

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  1. Courtship and Preparation
    An initial stage in the prcess of remarriage that provides time to resolve issues related to the earlier divorce of one or both partners and a gradual introduction of the new stepparent into the present single-parent system.
  2. Early Remarriage
    The second stage of the process of remarriage beginning immediately after the remarriage, during which the system typically remains divided primarily along biological lines.
  3. Incomplete Institution
    A lack of norms and institutional supports for stepfamilies.
  4. Late Remarriage
    The fourth and final stage of the remarriage process, marked by greater sense of shared intimacy and authenticity in family relationships. Restructuring is now complete, and the family is characterized by flexibility in roles and interactional patterns. Personal one-to-one relationships take precedence over disruptive triangles and coalitions.
  5. Metafamily System
    A remarried family system that includes the households of both biological parents (perhaps other stepparents, siblings, and stepsiblings) biological relatives (e.g., grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins), and steprelatives (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins).
  6. Middle Remarriage
    The third stage of the remarriage process during which the structure of the family will gradually undergo change.
  7. Remarried Family
    A family in which one or both spouses have beem married perviously.
  8. Stepfamily
    A family in which one or both partners bring children into the household, resulting in the presence of both biological and nonbiological parents.
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