nevous system

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  1. function of the nevous system
    recieves and interprets messages about what the body is doing feeling and then decides how to respond
  2. two cells involved in the nevous system
    neurons and neuroglia
  3. neurons
    carry electrical and chemical messages between the brain and the body
  4. neuroglia
    support and nourish neurons, rapain the brain aftery injury and attack invading bacteria
  5. effectors
    • signals traval along the neurons, pass through the synapes and move onto muscles and glands
    • help body respond to enviornmental changes
  6. sensory receptors
    • temperature
    • pain
    • touch
    • presssur
    • proprioception
  7. special sences
    • smell
    • taste
    • equilibrium
    • hearing
    • and vision
  8. central nervous system
    brain and spinal cord
  9. peripheral nervous system
    network of nerves radiating from the CNS throughout the body
  10. dendrites
    collet/recieve electrical signals
  11. cell body
    contains nucleus
  12. axon
    delivers electrical signals to dendrites of another cell
  13. sensory neurons
    carry imput toward the CNA
  14. motor neurons
    carry information away from the CNS
  15. interneurons
    link sensory and motor neurons within the brain or spinal cord
  16. myelin sheath
    • formed by schwan cells that wrap around the axon
    • insulates neurons, prevent sidways message transmission, and thus increase transmission speed
  17. nerves
    bundles of myelinated axons in the PNS
  18. nerve tracts
    myelinated axons bundled together in the CNS
  19. node of ranvier
    • myelin sheath has tiny unmyelinated gaps
    • nerve impulses jump from gap to gap increasing the signal speed
  20. synapse
    • made up of a terminal button on the presynaptic neuron
    • filled with neurotransmitters
  21. alzheimers disease
    defect in acetylcholine function
  22. parkinsons disease
    progresseve disease caused by malfunctioning of duons that produce dopamine- controls emotions and complex movements
  23. Sense organs transmit
    information to the CNS- seat of itenlligence, learning, memory, and emotion
  24. the brain and spinal cord
    are protected by bone and are protected by meninges-connective tissue
  25. cerebrospinal fluid
    surrounds and cushions the CNS and fills its cavities
  26. spinal cord
    • composed of fibers that control reflexes and transmit impulses to and from the brain
    • interneurons
  27. brain areas
    • cerebrum
    • thalamus
    • hypothalamus
    • cerebellum
    • brain stem
  28. cerebrum
    controls language memory sensations and decision making
  29. temporal lobe
    processes auditory and visual info, memory and emotion
  30. occipital lobe
    visual info
  31. parietal lobe
    touch info and self awarness
  32. frontal lobe
    processes voluntary muscle movements and involved with planning organizing future behavior
  33. thalamus
    • relays imput between brain and spinal cord
    • pain pressue and temp info passes into the cerebrum
  34. cerebrum
    processes the input and sends appropriate signals to the spinal cord and to muscles
  35. hypothalamus
    • controls sex drive,. pain, pleasure, hunger thirst bp and body temp
    • regulates egg and sperm production and the menstraul cycle
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