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  1. What are 3 Abnormal Curvatures of the Spine?
    • Kyphosis - Excessive outward curvature
    • Lordosis - Inward Curvature
    • Scoliosis - Lateral Curvature
  2. What are the three main causes for abnormal spine curvature?
    • -Forwarded head position (Main Cause)
    • -Driving
    • -Using a computer
  3. Causes of Back pain

    Theres eight (8)
    • -Forward head position
    • -Sprain/strained ligavments, tendons, muscles
    • -Degenerative Disk disease (anulus fibrosis)
    • -Herniated Disk
    • -Spinal Stenosis (Narrowing of nerve canals)
    • - much worse when standing
    • -Spondyloisthesis
    • When a vertebrae slips forward on top of another
    • -Emotional Stress
    • -Vertebral Body Fractures
    • -Osteoporosis (Bone Loss)
  4. Mackenzie Method
    Deals with extension of the back to help with injury
  5. What are the Five common injection sites for Back Pain?
    Epidural, SNRB, Fascet Joint Block, Fascet Rhizotomy, and Sacroiliac Joint Block
  6. What is Epidural?
    • -Most common
    • -Steriod injection
    • -Success rate of 50% injection directly into the dura
    • -The sac around the nerve roots
  7. What is SNRB?
    • Selective Nerve Root Black
    • -Diagnostic procedure used to find the source of pain
  8. What is Fascet Joint Block?
    Needle injected directly into the fascet joint capsule
  9. What is Facet Rhizotomy?
    For severe pain, pain is heated, injected justt outside the fascet joint to block the pain
  10. What is Sacroiliac Joint Block?
    • -Sacroiliac Joint Block
    • involves sacroiliac join (S1), connects sacrum with pelvis
    • Needle injected directly into the join, contains steriod lido caine
  11. Where does the Arm Flexor muscles originate?
    Medial epicondyle
  12. Scapula is considered what kind of bone?
    Flat Bone
  13. Front row takes place in which plane?
    Saggital Plane
  14. Cartwheel occurs in which plane?
    Frontal Plane
  15. Horizontal acceleration of a projectile
    stays the same
    vertical acceleration slows down,
    formula 0m/s^2
  16. Iliosoas flexor of the Hips
  17. In a 2 joint muscle, the muscle is more efficient at one joint when the position of the other joint stretches the muscle slightly
  18. Define Muscle Irritability
    Ability of a muscle to respond to a stimulus (respond to stretch)
  19. Analyzing a long jump biomechanically,

    What is most important?
    Instantaneous velocity at takeoff
  20. Is weight always a force?
  21. Most common symptom of osteoporosis
    Lower back pain
  22. Throwing a baseball occurs mainly in what plane?
    Transverse plane
  23. What is Electromechanical delay?
    Time needed for a muscle to develop tension after receiving a nerve impulse
  24. What is the main purpose of the rotator cuff
    Hold head of the humerus in glenoid fossa
  25. ACL injuries occur more frequently in which sports?
    Non-contact sports
  26. Define Fascet Rhizotomy
    Percutaneous radio frequency lysis of the innervation of a fascet
  27. Define Paars interarticularis
    Alongside a vertebrae
  28. Define Oligodendroglia
    Class of cells in the CNS
  29. What is Sinew?
    Can mean tendinous tissue, Tendon
  30. Define Avulsion
    Tearing away
  31. Define Nervi Nervorum
    Nerves distributed to the sheaths of nerve trunks (nerve root)
  32. Define Arachnoid
    Nerves that branch our
  33. Define Spondylosis
    Breaking down of the portion of the spine
  34. Define Foraminotomy
    Operation on a groove opening or hole on a bone usually to open it
  35. Define Neurectasis
    operation of stretching a nerve or nerve trunk
  36. Define Meninges
    3 membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord
  37. What is Idiopathic?
    Of unknown origin or cause
  38. What is Dysaesthesia
    Unpleasant, abnormal sensation

    (can be spontaneous or evoked)
  39. What is Nociceptive?
    Causing pain
  40. What is Vasculitis?
    Inflammation of a vessel
  41. Define is Claudication?
    Limping caused by impaired blood supply to the legs
  42. Define Neurexeresis
    Tearing out or evulsion of a nerve
  43. Define Adrenergic
    Neurons at the synapse of a nerve that allow for neurotransmitters to be released
  44. What is Endogenous
    Develops or originates within the organism
  45. What is Neoplasm?
    Abnormal growth of tissue
  46. What is Epinosis?
    Imaginary feeling of illness followed by a real illness
  47. What is Neuropathy?
    General term meaning a distrubance in the PNS
  48. What is the Cauda Equina?
    Lower part of the spinal cord
  49. What is Ectopic?
    Out of place
  50. What is Neurilemma?
    Delicate outer sheath of a nerve fiber
  51. What is Ligamentum Flavum?
    Paired bands of yellow elastic tissue that connect adjoining vertebrae
  52. How long is Subacute?
    Between acute and chronic

    -3 weeks - 3 months
  53. What is Amyloidosis?
    Glycoprotein deposited extracellarly in tissues' leads to a variety of diseases
  54. What is Hyperplasia?
    Abnormal multiplication or increase in cells
  55. What is Cytokines?
    Non-antibody proteins secreted by cells that has a specific effect on interactions between cells, on communications between cells or on the behavior or cells
  56. What is Fascia?
    Flat layers of tissue that seperate different layers of tissue
  57. What is Articular fascet?
    Small surface of bone that forms a joint with another bone

    Example: vertebrae
  58. What is Parineurial?
    Surrounding a nerve or nerve fiber
  59. What is Spondylosisthesis?
    One vertebrae sliding on top of another
  60. What is Epineurium?
    Connective tissue, sheath of a nerve that binds the nerves into nerve bundles
  61. What is Radiculopathy?
    Disease of a nerve root
  62. What is Denervation?
    Removal of nerve supply to a tissue
  63. What is Idiopathic Polyneuritis?
    Pain of unknown origin; usually in the limbs
  64. What is Severe Idiopathic Polyneuritis?
    Also known as Guillian Barre Syndrome
  65. What is Pars?
    A portion or part of
  66. What is Deafferentation?
    Loss of sensory input from any part of the body; usually caused by an interruption of PNS
  67. What is CSF?
    • Cebrebral Spinal Fluid
    • -Watery Fluid
    • -Continuously Produced and Aborbed
    • -Surrounds ventricles of the brain and spinal cord
  68. What is MDT?
    Multi Drug Therapy
  69. What is Myelogram?
    • Diagnostic procedure where a dye is injected into a spinal cord
    • -Reveals anatomy of spinal cord
    • -Used to check narrowing
  70. What is Aetiology?
    • The origin of something
    • -Examiining the causes of a particular phenomenae
  71. What is Conus Medullaris?
    Tapering lower extremity of the spinal cord
  72. What is evulsion?
    Forceful pulling out or extraction
  73. What is Sciatica?
    Pain radiating down lower back to the theigh
  74. What is Hyperalgesia?
    An increased intensity of normal pain sensations. In reality, it is an increased nervous system response to stimulus that causes pain.

    Hyperalgesia is one possible outcome of damaged nerves.
  75. What is Paravertebral?
    Alongside a vertrebrae or vertebral column
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