BIO40C Lab Quiz 2

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  1. location of kidneys
    • between the abdominal wall and peritoneum
    • between T12 and L3
  2. retroperitoneal
    behind the peritoneum
  3. Which kidney is lower? Why?
    right; right liver lobe is larger
  4. locate:
    renal hilum
    renal capsule
    renal column
    renal pyramid

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    5, 9, 17, 1
  5. locate:
    renal papillae
    major calyx
    minor calyx
    renal pelvis
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    16, 15, 14, 6, 7
  6. locate:
    renal medulla
    renal cortex
    renal sinus
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    Image Upload
  7. proximal/distal convoluted tubules, descending/ascending loops of Henle, collecting duct, Bowman's capsule, glomerulus, afferent/efferent arterioles
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  8. What type of cells line the parietal layer of the glomerular capsule?
    simple squamous
  9. podocytes
    • modified simple squamous;
    • have pedicels (foot processes) that wrap around glomerular capillaries;
    • found in visceral layer of Bowman's capsule
  10. 7 components of a nephron:
    • 1) renal corpuscle
    • 2) proximal convoluted tubule
    • 3) distal convoluted tubule
    • 4) descending loop of Henle
    • 5) ascending loop of Henle
    • 6) collecting duct
    • 7) papillary duct
  11. 5 components of a renal corpuscle:
    • 1) Bowman's capsule
    • 2) glomerulus
    • 3) afferent arteriole
    • 4) efferent arteriole
    • 5) capsular space
  12. 2 components of the juxtaglomerular apparatus:
    • 1) macula densa
    • 2) juxtaglomerular cells
  13. identify:
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    • 1) renal corpuscle
    • 2) proximal convoluted tubule
    • 3) distal convoluted tubule
  14. epithelium of proximal convoluted tubule
    simple cuboidal (with microvilli/brush border)
  15. epithelium of descending loop of Henle
    simple squamous
  16. epithelium of first (thin) section of ascending loop of Henle
    simple squamous
  17. epithelium of second (thick) section of ascending loop of Henle
    simple cuboidal to low columnar
  18. epithelium of distal convoluted tubule
    simple cuboidal (no brush border)
  19. epithelium of collecting ducts
    simple cuboidal
  20. label:
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    Image Upload
  21. purpose of transitional epithelium
    can distend to accomodate urine
  22. tissue of muscularis
    smooth muscle
  23. epithelium along urethra
    • transitional near urinary bladder
    • stratified/pseudostratified columnar distally
    • stratified squamous near external urethral orifice
  24. lamina propria tissue
    areolar connective tissue
  25. extensions of the cortex, between each pyramid
    renal columns
  26. apex of each pyramid, pointed toward the renal sinus
    renal papilla
  27. cavity that is adjacent to the medulla and extends to the renal hilus
    renal sinus
  28. label:
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