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  1. How do unicellular organisms eat?
    phagocytosis......lysosomes digest it
  2. How do invertebrates eat?
    use chemicall breakdown through enzymatic hydrolysis
  3. Do cnidarians use intra or extra cellular digestion?
  4. What are annelids and arthropods digestive systems like?
    much like higher animals digestive tracts
  5. what's another word for chewing?
  6. What does saliva change starch into?....
  7. What are the walss of the stomach lined with?
    thick gastric mucosa
  8. Why does the gastric mucosa in the stomach secrete mucus?
    to protect the stomach from HCl
  9. what is chyme?
    mixed food
  10. Name the three parts of the small intestine..... DJI
    • duodenum
    • jejunum
    • ileum
  11. What's a big function of the small intestine?
    mainly absorption
  12. Where does most of the digestion take place? d j or I?
  13. What do lipases do?
    fat digestion
  14. what do aminopeptidases do?
    polypeptide digestion
  15. what do dissacharidases do?
    sugar (ose) breakdown
  16. what does lactase do?
    digests milk sugar
  17. Where is the gall bladder?
    underneath the liver
  18. What does the gall bladder do?
    releases bile to emulsify fat
  19. What three things are excreted from the pancreas? A L T
    • Amylase: carb breakdown
    • Trypsin: protein breakdown
    • Lipase: fat digestion
  20. Whats the main purpose of the large intestine?
    absorb salts and waters
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