English Grammer

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  1. Verb
    • Action or state
    • (to) be, have, do, like, work, sing, can, must. Englishclub.com is a web site. I like englishclub.com.
  2. Noun
    • Thing or person
    • Pen, dog, work, music, town, London, teacher, John, This is my dog. He lives in my house. We live in London.
  3. Adjective
    • Describes a noun
    • A/an, the, 69, some, good, big, red, well, interesting My dog is big. I like big dogs.
  4. Adverb
    • Describes a verb, adjective or adverb
    • Quickly, silently, well, badly, very, really. My dog eats quickly. When he is very hungry, he eats really quickly.
  5. Pronoun
    • Replaces a noun
    • I, you, he, she, some. Tara is Indian. She is beautiful.
  6. Preposition
    • Links a noun to another word
    • To, at, after, on, but. We went to school on Monday.
  7. Conjunction
    • Joins clauses or sentences or words
    • And, but, when I like dogs and I like cats. I like cats and dogs. I like dogs but I don't like cats.
  8. Interjection
    • Short exclamation, sometimes inserted into a sentence
    • Oh!, ouch!, hi!, well. Ouch! That hurts! Hi! How are you? Well, I don't know.
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