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  1. always contains two or more substances that are visibly distinguishable
    heterogenous mixture
  2. heterogenous mixture example
    whole wheat bread
  3. homogenous mixture example
    a sugar water solution
  4. a homogeneous mixture of substances in a single phase
  5. mixture that contains visible particles that settle out unless the mixture is stirred
  6. contains particles that are in a dispersed phase & do not settle out
  7. metal solution
  8. colloids...
    scatter light
  9. used to distinguish between solutions & colloids
    tyndall effect
  10. substance whoe water solution is a good conductor of electricity
  11. using larger pieces of solid does NOT
    increase the rate of dissolving a solid in water
  12. increase in surface area of solute..
    increases the rate of dissolution
  13. stirring increases the rate of dissolution because..
    it brings fresh solvent into contact with the solute
  14. in a solution at equilibrium the rate of dissolution and the rate of crystallization are
  15. a general rule used for predicting whether one substance will form a solution with another
    like dissolves like
  16. the escape of gas from a gas-liquid solution
  17. a molar solution of CaCl2 contains 1 mole of CaCl2 for every..
    liter of solution
  18. molarity, molality, & moles of solute per liter of solution ALL
    express concentration
  19. what is expressed in a gram of solute instead of mols of solute
    neither molarity or molality
  20. what depends on the concentration of the solute particles?
    colligative properties
  21. freezing -pt depression & boling pt elevation
    is a colligative property because it is directly proportional to the mol concentration of a solution
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