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  1. man
  2. medi
  3. nat/nasc
  4. nox/nic/nec/noc
  5. tort
  6. oper
  7. pel/puls
  8. pend/pens
  9. per
    through, by, for, throughout
  10. plac
    calm, peace
  11. morose
    gloomily or sullenly ill tempered
  12. missive
    written letter; message
  13. intermediary
    a go between or mediator
  14. medieval
    or or pertaining to the middle ages
  15. binoculars
    optical instrument for use by both eyes
  16. oculist
    doctor specializing in treatment of diseases of the eye
  17. rectify
    set straight or right
  18. abnegate
    to refuse or deny oneself; renounce
  19. mnemonic
    assisting or intending to assist the memory
  20. alma mater
    school, college where one has intended and graduated
  21. microcosm
    a little world
  22. matron
    a mature women w/ an established social position
  23. misnomer
    misapplied or inappropriate name
  24. innumerable
    countless, unable to be counted
  25. palpable
    readily seen or heard, capable of being sensed
  26. remit
    to transmit or send to a person or place (usually payment)
  27. admonish
    to warm or advise against something
  28. misconstrue
    to take the in the wrong sense; misinterpret
  29. monitor
    device for observing
  30. potable
    water suitable for drinking
  31. potent
    having great influence
  32. toxic
    a poisonous substance
  33. intrepid
    invulnerable to fear or intimidation
  34. pseudonym
    false name
  35. pandemic
    epidemic over a wide geographical area (suaully disease)
  36. premonition
    feeling of anticipation over a future event
  37. anthropomorphic
    ascribing human characteristics to a nonhuman form/being
  38. manifest
    clearly present to the sight; obvious
  39. transient
  40. orthopedist
    specialist in straightening the skeletal system
  41. immobilize
    to fix in place
  42. evacuate
    to remove from a place
  43. matriarch
    female head of the family
  44. reminisce
    to recall past experiences
  45. memento
    an object or item that serves to remind one of a person, past event, etc
  46. novelty
    state or quality of being unique, new or novel
  47. onus
    difficult or disagreeable task, burden or responsibility
  48. pacifist
    person opposed to war or violence
  49. innocuous
    not harmful or injurious; inoffensive
  50. monotonous
    lacking in variety
  51. commensurate
    corresponding in amount, size or degree
  52. literal
    strict meaning of the word
  53. portable
    easily or conveniently transported
  54. placid
    easy going
  55. terminus
    end of anything
  56. toxin
    poison produced by a certain plant or animal
  57. quiescent
    quiet but still have the potential to resume activities
  58. patronize
    to behave in an offensively condenscending manner
  59. prototype
    original form which serves as a model on which successors are based
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