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  1. 간병
    nursing (a patient) (Health)
  2. 감기
    cold (Health)
  3. 개인
    individual (Health)
  4. 건강
    health (Health)
  5. 검사하다
    to examine (Health)
  6. thing; the fact that the act of (doing) (Health)
  7. 고혈압
    high blood pressure (Health)
  8. 공중 위생
    public health (Health)
  9. 공해
    environmental pollution (Health)
  10. 과음하다
    to drink too much drink to excess (Health)
  11. 금연
    no smoking (Health)
  12. 금연 운동
    no smoking campaign (Health)
  13. 기동
    moving about (Health)
  14. 내과
    internal medicine (Health)
  15. 노인
    old man/woman old people (Health)
  16. brain (Health)
  17. 늘어나다
    to increase (Health)
  18. 대기 오염
    air pollution (Health)
  19. 대도시
    big city (Health)
  20. 독감
    influenza (Health)
  21. 돌다
    to go around be prevalent (Health)
  22. 돕다
    to help (Health)
  23. 량/양
    amount (Health)
  24. 막다
    to block stop (Health)
  25. 매년
    every year (Health)
  26. 매연
    exhaust auto exhaust pollutants (Health)
  27. 면역 기능
    immune function (Health)
  28. 목욕하다
    to take a bath (Health)
  29. body (Health)
  30. times; multiples (Health)
  31. disease illness sickness (Health)
  32. 보사부
    Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (Health)
  33. 보약
    tonic medicine invigorating drug (Health)
  34. 복용하다
    to take (medicine) (Health)
  35. 불편하다
    to be uncomfortable inconvenient (Health)
  36. 비음주가(자)
    non-drinker (Health)
  37. 비하다
    to compare (Health)
  38. 비흡연자
    non-smoker (Health)
  39. 사망률
    death ratio (Health)
  40. 새벽 조깅
    jogging at dawn (Health)
  41. 세계 보건 기구
    World Health Organization (Health)
  42. 세우다
    to build establish (Health)
  43. 식욕
    appetite (Health)
  44. 심장병
    heart disease (Health)
  45. 심하다
    to be severe (extreme excessive) (Health)
  46. cancer (Health)
  47. 여러
    several many various (Health)
  48. 예방하다
    to prevent (Health)
  49. 온도
    temperature (Health)
  50. 외과
    surgery department of surgery (Health)
  51. 외래 환자
    outpatient (Health)
  52. 요양 시설
    recuperation facilities; sanatorium (Health)
  53. 웃다
    to laugh smile (Health)
  54. 위생
    hygiene (Health)
  55. 위해(서)
    for for the sake of (Health)
  56. 의사
    medical doctor (Health)
  57. 이롭다
    to be beneficial good (for) (Health)
  58. 인체
    human body (Health)
  59. 입맛
    appetite taste palate (Health)
  60. 입원 환자
    inpatient (Health)
  61. 적당하게
    adequately properly reasonably (Health)
  62. 정신
    mentality spirit (Health)
  63. 정하다
    to set decide (Health)
  64. 좋아지다
    to improve become better get better (Health)
  65. 증상
    symptom (Health)
  66. 지역
    region (Health)
  67. 지키다
    to keep guard hold maintain (Health)
  68. 진단하다
    to diagnose (Health)
  69. 질병
    disease (Health)
  70. 질환
    disease (Health)
  71. 처방하다
    to prescribe (Health)
  72. 치료하다
    to treat (Health)
  73. 콧물
    runny nose (Health)
  74. lung (Health)
  75. 피임 도구
    contraceptive device (Health)
  76. 한약을 짓다
    to fill prescription of Chinese herb medicine combine Chinese medicines as prescribed (Health)
  77. 한약(을) 달이다
    to prepare (make) a Chinese medicine (Health)
  78. 한의원
    Chinese medical doctor's office (Health)
  79. 혈액 순환
    blood circulation (Health)
  80. 호흡기
    respiratory organ (Health)
  81. 확률
    probability (Health)
  82. 확산하다
    to spread scatter diffuse (Health)
  83. 환자
    patient (Health)
  84. -에 대한
    about on (Health)
  85. -에 의한
    due to caused by (Health)
  86. Verb Stem + 게 하다
    to let (somebody) do (something) make (somebody) do (something) (Health)
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