College World Civ: Test #6

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  1. Blitzkrieg
    "Lightning War". Used tanks and armored forces, motorized infantry, and air power.
  2. Dunkirk
    Hitler had the British/French army trapped here, but hitler called off the attack on them for three days. They escaped. This was Hitler's first error.
  3. How did WWII begin?
    WWII began when Poland was invaded by Germany.
  4. Battle of Britain
    Operation Sea Lion. "Take over the sky". First battle to be fought entirely by aircraft.
  5. Hitler's first error...
    Calling off the attack on the British/French army at Dunkirk.
  6. Hitler's second error...
    Attacking London and leaving the British aircraft alone.
  7. Erwin Rommel
    One of Germany's greatest generals. Revolutionized the tank. "The Desert Fox".
  8. Hitler's third error...
    Attacking Russia with the biggest Blitzkreig ever.
  9. Battle of Russia
    Largest battle. German army surrendered here.
  10. Scorched Earth
    Stalin/Russia burned everything so that the German soldiers had no supplies.
  11. Stalingrad
    Turning point of the Battle of Russia.
  12. Pearl Harbor
    Brings USA into war. Japan sank our battleships.
  13. Hitler's fourth error...
    Declaring war on the USA. "Never try to fight two wars at once."
  14. Aircraft Carrier
    Most significant war tool on the Pacific/water.
  15. Tanks
    Most significant war tool in Europe.
  16. Manhattan Project:
    Building of the atomic bomb. Roosevelt ordered this to happen.
  17. Battle of Midway
    Turning point of the Pacific War. Japan did poorly.
  18. Submarine
    Germans tried to blockaid Britain with these. Radar and sonar detection made them fail. 2/3rds of all Japanese ships were sunk by American subs.
  19. D. Eisenhower
    Commanding the allies
  20. Operation Valcerie
    Germans tried to kill Hitler, killed Rommel instead. July 20th.
  21. Battle of the Bulge
    Hitler's last chance. Largest battle on the western front. Ended Germany's ability to fight.
  22. Island Hopping
    American ships got to Japan by using this tactic.
  23. Leyte Gulf
    Largest naval battle in history. Japan lost it's army here.
  24. Kamikaze
    "Divine Wind". Used by Japan. Suicide bombers.
  25. V-E Day
    May 8, 1945: Germany surrenders. European war is over.
  26. Harry Truman
    New President of the USA, taking over for Roosevelt.
  27. V-J Day
    September 2. Japanese officially surrendered.
  28. Final Solution
    Kill/Sterilize all of tthe Jews, they'll be gone.
  29. Cold War
    Conflict between USA and USSR for world domination, without directly confronting one another. 1945-1991.
  30. Afghanistan
    Both USA and Soviet Union have fought wars with Afghanistan.
  31. Iraq
    USA supplied them with war tools.
  32. Iran
    Soviet Union supplied them with war tools.
  33. Potsdam/Yalta
    Cold War began here.
  34. Big 3
    Stalin, Churchill, and FDR/Roosevelt. At Yalta, they decided what to do when the war ends.
  35. Iron Curtain
    Division between Eastern (communist/Soviet Union) and Western (repulican/USA) Europe.
  36. Containment
    1947. USA. Keeping communism in one place.
  37. NATO
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization. USA/Allies protecting their friends. April 4, 1949.
  38. Mao ZeDung
    Communist leader of China for 27 years. Eliminated anyone disagreeing with communism, killed 90 million Chinese.
  39. Korean Conflict
    North Korea (communist) invaded South Korea under the command of the Soviet Union. USA/Allies went there to fight them off. After 3 years of fighting, they signed an armistice in 1953. Introduced "limited war". June 24, 1950.
  40. Sputnik
    First manmade object in space. Soviets launched it into space and won "the race." Began the missile age. October 1957.
  41. Fidel Castro
    Communist leader of Cuba. Alligned tself with the Soviet Union. 1960.
  42. Nikita Khruschchev
    Took over for Stalin when he died.
  43. Cuban Missile Crisis
    1962. American plane flew over Cuba and took photos of them building their missiles. Turning point of Cold War. Lead to peaceful coexistance.
  44. Apollo 11
    Landed on the moon in 1969. USA won the "space race"
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