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  1. 가격
    price (Economics)
  2. 가능하다
    to be possible (Economics)
  3. 가전 제품
    home appliances (Economics)
  4. 가치
    value (Economics)
  5. 각각
    respectively (Economics)
  6. 거래하다
    to deal with (Economics)
  7. 공장
    factory (Economics)
  8. 교포
    Korean resident abroad (Economics)
  9. 구매하다
    to purchase (Economics)
  10. 구입하다
    to purchase (and bring in) procure (Economics)
  11. 금액
    amount (of money) (Economics)
  12. 금융계
    financial circle (Economics)
  13. 냉장고
    refrigerator (Economics)
  14. 농산물
    agricultural product (Economics)
  15. 대리점
    agency agent (Economics)
  16. 도매하다
    to sell at a wholesale price (Economics)
  17. 따르다
    to follow (Economics)
  18. 매우
    very (Economics)
  19. 모든
    all (Economics)
  20. 물가
    price of commodities (Economics)
  21. 미화
    U.S. currency (Economics)
  22. 발행하다
    to issue (Economics)
  23. 보증하다
    to guarantee (Economics)
  24. 빌려 쓰다
    to borrow (and use) (Economics)
  25. 사업
    undertaking business (Economics)
  26. 상공부
    Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Economics)
  27. 생산하다
    to produce (Economics)
  28. 생활 필수품
    necessities of life (Economics)
  29. 선진 공업국
    industrially advanced nations (Economics)
  30. 선택하다
    to select (Economics)
  31. 세탁기
    washing machine laundry machine (Economics)
  32. 소비자
    consumer (Economics)
  33. 수표
    check (Economics)
  34. 시중 은행
    banks within the city proper (Economics)
  35. 식료품
    articles of food foodstuff (Economics)
  36. 신용
    credit trust (Economics)
  37. 실적
    past record actual results (Economics)
  38. uncooked rice (Economics)
  39. 여행자 수표
    traveler's check (Economics)
  40. 예금
    bank deposit (Economics)
  41. 원료
    raw material (Economics)
  42. 원화
    Korean currency (Economics)
  43. 유리하다
    to be advantageous (Economics)
  44. 육류
    meat (Economics)
  45. 융자하다
    to finance loan (Economics)
  46. 전자
    electronics (Economics)
  47. 제품
    manufactured products (Economics)
  48. 조폐공사
    Mint Corporation (Economics)
  49. 주부
    housewife (Economics)
  50. 주요
    main (Economics)
  51. 중요하다
    to be important (Economics)
  52. 지폐
    paper money (currency) (Economics)
  53. 창구
    teller window (Economics)
  54. 채소
    vegetable (Economics)
  55. 첨단 기술
    high tech advanced technology (Economics)
  56. 최저
    lowest (Economics)
  57. 출자하다
    to supply capital invest (Economics)
  58. 크기
    size (Economics)
  59. 통장
    bankbook passbook (Economics)
  60. 투자하다
    to invest (Economics)
  61. 판매
    sale (Economics)
  62. 해결하다
    to solve (Economics)
  63. 해외 지점
    overseas branch office or store (Economics)
  64. 현금
    cash (Economics)
  65. 현지
    on site (Economics)
  66. 혼동
    confusion (Economics)
  67. 환율
    exchange rate (Economics)
  68. 환전하다
    to exchange money (Economics)
  69. 회원
    member membership (Economics)
  70. -당
    per (Economics)
  71. -원권
    won bill (Economics)
  72. -짜리
    suffix meaning worth value or measure (Economics)

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