The Rosary

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  1. History of the Rosary
    The practice of praying the Rosary started with St. Dominic around the year 1210 in France
  2. Since then, it has been viewed ad experienced as __.
    Why do many people pray a rosary everyday?
    o a powerful prayer to the Blessed Mother

    • o to help them in the struggles and challenges in
    • life
  3. Traditionally, __ isconsidered the __ in the Church. __ is __ month.
    o October

    o Month of the Rosary

    o May

    o Mary's
  4. What are the Prayers
    of the Rosary?
    o Sign of the Cross

    o Apostles' Creed

    o Our Father

    o Hail Mary

    o Glory Be

    o O My Jesus

    o Hail Holy Queen
  5. What do the Mysteries
    of the Rosary celebrate?
    What does reflecting on the Mysteries as we pray the Rosary help to do?
    • o important events and teachings of the CatholicChurch
    • o helps to focus our minds and hearts
  6. There are __ sets of mysteries: __(4)__
    Each time you pray the Rosary, you pray __.

    o 4

    o Joyful

    o Sorrowful

    o Luminous

    o Glorious

    o only one set of Mysteries
    o 4

    o Joyful

    o Sorrowful

    o Luminous

    o Glorious

    o only one set of Mysteries
  7. What are the Joyful
    • o Annunciation
    • o Visitation
    • o Birth of Jesus
    • o Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
    • o Finding of Jesus in the Temple
  8. What are the Luminous
    • o Baptism of Jesus
    • o Jesus' First Miracle at the Wedding at Cana
    • o Jesus' teaching about the Kingdom of God
    • o The transfiguration
    • o The Last Supper
  9. What are the
    Sorrowful (Death of JC) Mysteries?
    • o Agony in the Garden
    • o Scourging at the Pillar
    • o Crowning with Thorns
    • o Jesus Carries his Cross
    • o Crucifixion
  10. What are the Glorious
    Mysteries? (Things after death)
    • o Resurrection
    • o Ascension
    • o Pentecost
    • o Assumption
    • o Crowning of Mary as Queen of Heaven

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