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  1. What type of joint is the hip joint, and what are the articulations?
    ball and socket, triaxial

    head of femur articulates with the acetabulum
  2. What is the acetabulum formed from?
    ilium, ishium, pubis
  3. What mvmts do you get at the hip?
    • flex/ext/hyperext
    • abd/add
    • IR/ER
    • circumduction
    • horizontal abd/add (flex hip and knee)
  4. What is the head of the femur covered in?
    articular cartilage
  5. What is the attachment for the gluteus medius/minimus, and most deep rotators?
    greater trochanter
  6. What is the attachment for the iliopsoas?
    lesser trochanter
  7. What is the linea aspera?
    prominent ridge that runs most of the posterior length of the femur (on back)

    attachment for many hip and knee mm.
  8. What is the adductor tubercle?
    • small projection proximal to the medial epicondyle
    • attachment for the adductor magnus
  9. What is the patellar surface?
    • between medial and lateral condyles
    • ant. side, smoothed out portion
    • articulates with post. surface of patella
  10. What is the pectineal line?
    • proximal part of femur
    • attachment for adductor brevis and pectineus
  11. What is the lg projection at the proximal end of the midline and is the attachment for the quads muscle tendon?
    tibial tuberosity
  12. What is around the rim of the acetabulum?
    • acetabular labrum
    • deepens acetabulum
  13. What ligament anteriorly reinforces the jt capsule?
    iliofemoral lig/ Y lig/ lig of Bigelow

    • AIIS splits to the intertrochanteric line of femur
    • limits hyperextension
  14. What ligament reinforces the jt capsule medially and laterally?
    pubofemoral lig

    • medial acetabular ring and superior ramus of pubis to neck of femur
    • limits hyperextension and abduction
  15. What ligament posteriorly covers the jt capsule?
    ischiofemoral lig

    • ishial part of acetabulum to neck of femur
    • limits hyperextension and IR
  16. What small ligament is within the jt capsule (intracapsular)?
    ligamentum teres

    • contains blood vessels to supply head of femur
    • proximally in acetabulum -> distally in fovea of femoral head
  17. What is the iliotibial band?
    ITB, IT band, iliotibial tract

    • long tendinous portion of tensor fascia latae m. (TFL)
    • from anterior iliac crest ->lateral side of thigh ->attaches to tibia
    • attachment for gluteus maximus and tensor fascia latae
  18. What are the 6 deep rotator mm.?
    • piriformis
    • gemellus superior
    • gemellus inferior
    • obturator internus
    • obturator externus
    • quadratus femoris
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