Social Studies Chap 9 Lesson 1

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  1. Who wrote Common Sence and What is it about?
    Thomas Paine wrote the pamphlet Common Sense. He questioned the king's right to rule over anyone.
  2. What did Thomas Paine and his pamphlet do to the public opinion?
    It changed the public opinion in the colonies. Many of the people wanted independence.
  3. Who gave speeches to the delegates of the Secondary Continental Congress on June 7, 1776 about a revolution.
    Richard Henry Lee of Virginia
  4. Richard Henry Lee stated that the colonies no longer owed allegiance (Loyalty) to the king. He suggested a resolution that said what?
    That these united colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States. (The congress waited almost a month even though the colonies were ready to vote for independence)
  5. Who wrote the declaration of independance?
    Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.
  6. Who did Thomas Jefferson give the Declaration of Independence to?
    The Whole congress
  7. How many parts were in the Declaration of Independence?
    6 parts.

    • 1st - date
    • 2nd - The Preable- the introduction
    • 3rd - described the colonists idea of government (statement of rights) All men are equal, and have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    • 4th - Charges against the king (the largest part of the list, the colonist's complaints.
    • 5th - The statement of independence, that the colonists were free and independent.
    • 6th - The signers of the Declaration
  8. When was the Declaration approved?
    July 4, 1776 congress voted to give its final approval for the Declaration.
  9. Thomas Jefferson gave a draft of it to the whole
  10. On July 2nd the delegates returned to vote on Richard Henry Lee's resolution to what?
    Cut ties with Britain. (That morning the resolution was approved)
  11. Because of the approval of the Declaration of Independence they what?
    They now make a holiday named Independence Day also known as the 4th of July.
  12. Who wrote his name so big for King George can read it without his glasses.
  13. John Hancock
  14. On July 8th, 1776 the bell on top of Independence Hall called the citizens of Philadelphia to the what?
  15. The first public reading of the Declaration of Independence.
  16. Who was to form a New government?
    The Second Continental Congress
  17. True or False: John Hancock organized a second committee to report in how to unite the former colonies into a new country.
  18. True
  19. Who did congress choose to head the committee to write the plan of government?
    John Dickenson of Pennsylvania
  20. What did Jhon Dickenson decide?
    He decided that the new states- the former colonies-should unite into a confederation.
  21. What would the Confederation of the United States of America bring together?
    The 13 independent states into " a firmed league of friendship"
  22. Now that the colonies declared independence, they needed a what?
  23. The new states(colonies) were united intp the
  24. Confederation of the United States
  25. What was the first constitution of the new country?
    The Articles of Confederation
  26. Under the Articles, voters of each state elected?
  27. These leaders chose?
    Representatives to a national legislature calle the Congress of Confederation.
  28. Each state, whether large or small, had how many votes?
    One vote in the new Congress
  29. What did the Continental Congress do?
    it made laws for the nation. It led the states during the last years of the Revolutionary War.
  30. Use the word Preamble in a sentence
  31. In the preamble of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson stated why the declaration was needed.
  32. use Grievances in a sentence
    In the largest part of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson listed the colonists' grievances against the British king and Parliament.
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