FM225 Final - Ch 16

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  1. Buyers and store planning/design
    • Play an important consultative role in fashion and fixture trends
    • In order to work effectively with store planners and visual merchandisers, buyers must understand store layout and merchandise presentation
  2. Prototype
    • A model store that combines elements of decor, lighting, fixturing, and signage to create a shopping ambiance consistent with the store's image and target customers
    • Synthesis of standards for operational efficiency, merchandise presentation, and customer service
    • Facilitate "cookie cutter" expansion
  3. Visual merchandising
    • The retail organizational function responsible for enhancing sales by creating visually appealing shopping environments
    • includes window displays, floor layout, merchandise presentation, and signage
  4. Store layout
    • A well-designed store layout combines the effective use of merchandise and aisles to draw customers through a store, maximizing their exposure to goods
    • Can increase the time and money customers spend
  5. The value of selling-floor space
    • Value of space within a store is a function of customer traffic
    • Essential in determining store layout
    • Ex: First floor is most valuable
  6. Major aisle
    • Wide aisle that connects a store's extremes
    • High level of customer traffic
  7. Location of fashion vs. basic goods
    • Fashion: need heavily trafficked areas because they are purchased based on their appeal
    • Basic: require less exposure
  8. Destination goods
    • Planned purchases
    • Strategically located in remote areas to pull traffic through a store, as customers will seek them out
  9. Impulse goods
    • Unplanned purchases
    • Located in high-traffic areas to maximize exposure
  10. Adjacency
    • Merchandise that is located next to other merchandise for customer convenience and to stimulate the sale of the adjacent goods
    • Ex: hosiery next to shoes
  11. Cross merchandising
    When goods are exposed in more than one location in a store
  12. Types of fixtures
    • Floor fixtures
    • Top-of-counter fixtures
    • Display fixtures: show goods not available for customer selection
    • Storage fixtures: store fill-in or backroom inventory
  13. Closed-sell fixtures
    • Require salesperson assistance
    • More costly
    • Used for delicate/expensive items
  14. Open-sell fixtures
    • Let customers try the goods
    • Less costly
  15. Vendor fixtures
    • Supplied by a vendor to distinguish its brands from the competition, and to enhance consistent presentation of their product in all stores
    • Retailers must be sure these fixtures don't take away from the shopping experience of the store; must maintain a unified look
    • The better the store, you won't find vendor fixtures
  16. Merchandise presentation groupings
    • Merchandise category
    • Color
    • Fabrication or composition
    • Style
    • Price/quality
    • Size
    • Vendor
  17. Signs
    Make shopping easier by identifying categories, brands, styles, and product features
  18. Permanent signage
    • Identifies the exterior and selling areas
    • Not changed often
  19. Temporary signage
    • Disposable
    • Reinforces advertising
    • Stimulates impulse purchases
    • Enhances customer convenience
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