OIANs hip

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  1. iliopsoas
    O- iliacus- iliac fossa; psoas major- anterior and lateral surfaces of T12-L5

    I- lesser trochanter

    A- hip flexion

    N- iliacus: femoral; psoas major: L2-3
  2. rectus femoris
    O- AIIS

    I- tibial tuberosity

    A- hip flexion, knee extension

    N- femoral
  3. sartorius
    O- ASIS

    I- proximal medial aspect of tibia

    A- hip flexion, abduction, ER

    N- femoral
  4. pectineus
    O- superior ramus of pubis

    I- pectineal line of femur

    A- hip flexion, adduction

    N- femoral
  5. adductor longus
    O- pubis

    I- medial 1/3 of linea aspera

    A- hip adduction

    N- obturator
  6. adductor brevis
    O- pubis

    I- pectineal line and proximal linea aspera

    A- hip adduction

    N- obturator
  7. adductor magnus
    O- ischium and pubis

    I- entire linea aspera and adductor tubercle

    A- hip adduction

    N- obturator and sciatic
  8. gracilis
    O- pubis

    I- anterior medial surface of proximal tibia

    A- hip adduction

    N- obturator
  9. gluteus maximus
    O- posterior sacrum, ilium

    I- post. femur, distal to greater trochanter

    A- hip ext., hyperext., ER

    N- inferior gluteal
  10. deep rotators
    O- posterior sacrum, ishium, pubis

    I- greater trochanter area

    A- hip ER

    N- variable
  11. gluteus medius
    O- outer ilium

    I- greater trochanter

    A- hip abduction

    N- superior gluteal
  12. gluteus minimus
    O- lateral ilium

    I- ant. surface of greater trochanter

    A- hip abduction, IR

    N- superior gluteal
  13. tensor fascia latae
    O- ASIS

    I- lateral condyle of tibia

    A- combined hip flexion and abduction

    N- superior gluteal

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OIANs hip
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oians hip
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