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  1. What makes up the human person?
    Physicality, Sexulaity, Spirituality, Emotionality, Rationality
  2. What is Physiciality
    The physical body existing in the physical world. With our bodies we experience sexuality and human relationships
  3. What is Sexuality??
    Sexuality represents our identification of male or female gender. Sexulaity is what we do and who we are
  4. What is Emotionality?
    Powerfully related to our physical selves and our sexuality, our emotions colour our experiences, relationships, lead us to make decisions, maturity adn growth. We do not choose how we feel but we can control how we respond.
  5. What is Spirituality?
    Each person posesses a spiritual core, a connection with deeper realities above and beyond our intellect and emotion. Spirituality lies at the heart of our ability to value others, put others needs before our own and see a greater reality in the mystery of human life
  6. What is Rationality?
    We carry the ability to reason. When presented with the choice to be sexually active we can apply reason and not be driven by instinct. Unfortunately the media shows that humans can't do this
  7. Image Upload

    What is the difference between animals and humans?
    • * What a person thinks will ultimately determine what they become
    • * Animals act off instinct whereas humans have a thought process
  8. What does the Catholic Church believe about Sexuality?
    Sexuality is a gift from God. It has physical, emotional and psycological and spiritual components, and involves the whole person.
  9. When is sexual intercourse reserved for according to the Catholic Church?
    Sexual intercourse is reserved for after marriage between a man and a woman, where it can strengthen the bonds between a united couple and open the possibilty to create new life.
  10. What forms of Contraception are acceptable according to the Catholic Church?
    All forms of artificial contraception are unacceptable as it prevents the creation of new life however natural birth regulation is acceptable
  11. How does the Media depict sex?
    The Media depicts sex as having no real consequence.
  12. What are the foundations of a Healthy Relationship?
    A Solid relationship is built on love, respect, honesty, communication, trust, friendship and commitment. Successful relationships are the ones where bonding has been achieved first
  13. What are the rights in a relationship?
    To express opinions, thoughts and feelings

    To be treated with respect and to be safe physically and emotionally

    To be treated fairly, equally and to be listened to

    To have privacy and to make your own decisions
  14. Responsibilities in a Relationship are?
    To communicate opinions, thought and emotions appropriately and respectfully

    To treat others with respect, not to harm others and to be tolerant and show respect for others religious, cultural or sexual beliefs

    To respect others privacy, to listen to others and to acknowledge their decisions.
  15. Abusive Relationship Signs are?
    Partner is:

    • Controlling you and doesn't let you make your own decisions
    • Jealous of your contact with other people
    • Agressive
    • Sexist and puts you down
    • Sexually abusive, pressuring you to do things you don't want to.
  16. What do you do to avoid an abusive relationship?
    Be clear in your communication

    Avoid the influence of drugs such as alcohol, that can cloud your decision making abilities.

    get up and leave- don't stay in the relationship

    Don't go out along, hang in a group and don't allow yourself to be alone with someone you don't trust or know very well
  17. What can sex at the wrong time result in?
    It can have powerfully negative consequences affecting the physical, emotional and spiritual beings.
  18. What are the physical consequences of Sex?
    Pregnancy and STI's

    • Pregnancy results in three choices-
    • 1. keep the baby
    • 2. adoption
    • 3. Abortion
  19. What are the Physical Risks of Abortion?
    Infection and Hemmorage, Scarring leading to infertility, PID, damage to internal organs, cramping, pain and risk of breast cancer
  20. What are the two types of STIs
    Bacterial and Viral
  21. What STIs are bacterial?
    Chlaymdia, Gonorrhoea, Syphillis
  22. Which STIs are Viral
    Genital Warts, Genital Herpes, HIV AIDS Hepatitis
  23. Some emotional consequences:

    How many sexually active teens regret their first sexual encounter
    2/3 of sexually active teens regret their first sexual encounter
  24. What are some forms of Contraception?
    Abstinence, Condoms, Oral Contraceptive Pill, Natural Birthing Methods, Diaphragm and Tubal Ligation
  25. What are the Internal Reasons why teenagers have sex?
    Curiosity, taking advantage of a situation, fear of losing a relationship, being in a relationship, need to feel loved
  26. What are the External Reasons why teenagers have sex?
    Sex Saturated Media Culture, Peer pressure, Influences of Drugs and Alcohol
  27. Where did Lacrosse originate from?
    It originated from Native America
  28. What is the Lacrosse Stick called?
    A Crosse
  29. What are some Lacrosse Defense Techniques?
    Checking, body contact and positioning
  30. How many players are on a Lacrosse team?
    10 players; 1 goalie, 3 defensemen, 3 midfielders, and 3 attackmen
  31. What equipment must the Lacrosse players wear?
    All players must wear a helmet, shoulder pads, gloves and mouthguard. A chest protector and throat protector is also worn by the goalies.
  32. Where did European handball originate from?
    it originated in Northern Europe in the 1900's.
  33. How many people are on a European Handball team?
    Seven People
  34. How big is the european handball court?
    The size of two basketball courts
  35. What is European handball a mixture of?
    European Handball is a mixture of netball, soccer and basketball.
  36. Resilience?
    Is the ability to bounce back from hardships
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