Upper GI Part 2

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  1. Whats the kVP range for an esophagram
    100-125 kvp
  2. For an RAO esophagram, wheres the CR?
    T5-T6 top of casette 2 inches above shoulders.
  3. For soft tissue lateral, what is the SID? where is the CR?
    • It's at 72 SID with the top of the casette to the EAM.
    • CR perpendicular to C6.
  4. What is an Upper GI for?
    Examination of distal esophagus, stomach and duodenum
  5. What are some clinical indications for an Upper GI?
    • Peptic Ulcers
    • Hiatal Hernia
    • Acute/Chronic gastritis
    • Tumor
    • Diverticula
    • Bezoar
  6. Whats a routine for UGI?
    • RAO
    • PA
    • Right Lateral
    • LPO
    • AP
  7. Whats the Kvp range for a single contrast examination?
    100 - 125 kvp
  8. Whats the kvp range for double contrast examinations?
  9. For an Obliquie UGI, how much do you rotate your patient?
    40-70 degrees.
  10. Where is the CR for upper GI's?
    Level of L1
  11. For Asthenic Patients, do you go up or down a little bit with the CR?
    Down about 2 inches for Asthenic. ( L2 )
  12. For hypersthenic patients, do you go up or down on the CR?
    Go up about 2 inches. (Level of T12 )
  13. For upper GI's, where do you put the CR?
    Level of L1 moved between Spine and Lateral Border of abdomen.
  14. What do you see in RAO?
    • - C loop of duodenum
    • - Duodenal bulb
  15. What do you see in a PA UGI?
    • C-loop of doudeonum
    • Pylorus in the center
    • Body of stomach.
  16. For a right lateral UGI, what do you see?
    • Entire stomah and C loop visualized.
    • Retrogastric space
  17. What do you see in an LPO?
    • Stomach and C loop visualized
    • Obstructed view of duodenal bulb.
    • Fundus filled barium
  18. What is visualizeed in an AP UGI
    • Stomach and C loop
    • Diaphraghm for possible hernia
    • Barium filled fundus
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