MH 30 Chap 14

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  1. What are 4 components for an Effective Organization
    • 1. Theory
    • 2. The Organization
    • 3. Data and Information
    • 4. Human Resources
  2. What are 4 Management styles that influence Productivity
    • 1. System 1: Control is Highly concentrated at the Top
    • 2: System 2: Control is concentrated at the Top, but some authority is delegated to middle management and first-line supervision
    • 3. System 3: Communication flows both ways. Significant aspects of control are delegated downward
    • 4. System 4: Management is seen as having complete confidence and trust in subordinates. Control is spread throughout the organization with accompanying accountability.
  3. Blake and Mouton 5 Organizational cultures
    • 1. Impoverished
    • 2. Country-Club
    • 3. Task
    • 4. Middle-of-the-Road
    • 5. Team
  4. Exertion of minimum effort to get required work is done is enough to sustain oragnization membership
  5. Thoughtful attention to needs of people for satisfying relationships leads to a comfortable, friendly organizational atmosphere and work tempo
  6. Efficiency in operations result from arranging conditioons of work in such a way that human elements interfere to a minimum degree
  7. Adequate organizational performance is possible through balancing the necessity to geto out work wihile maintaining morale of people at a satisfactory level
  8. Work accoplishment is from commited people, relationships, trust and respect
  9. Three variables that are useful in understanding effectiveness
    • 1. Casual
    • 2.Intervening
    • 3. End-Result Variables
  10. Components that are under the control of an organization and its management including knowledege and skill, structure of the organization, job design, motivation and reward system
    Casual variables
  11. Components that represent the current condintions of the internal state of the organization includinggoals, teamwork, communication
  12. Components that reflect the achievements of the organization including client outcome, program plans, and other ogranizational achievements
    End-Result Variable
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