Sociology Final

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  1. Strata is a greek word meaning
  2. Stratification is best described by the phrase
    unequal access to oppurtunites
  3. Max Weber added this to the definition of social class
    wealth and income
  4. This group is not effected by social stratification
    wealthy white males
  5. Karl Marx theory of social class identified how many groups
  6. Davis and Moore argued that social inequality is related to
  7. Gender stratification exists because of
    martial status
  8. When a group is set apart based on its physical apperarance it is defined as a
    racial group
  9. The american with disabilities act required government to
    make all public buliding accessible
  10. The anthropologist who studied tribal gender roles
    Margaret Mead
  11. Two systems of stratification associated with the United States
    slavery and social class
  12. TEacher who discriminate against students even though it is against the law are functioning at the micro level
    micro level
  13. eliminating a job applicant because of his or her body weight reflects stratification based on
    standards of beauty
  14. The feminst movement fought for
    equality with men, equal acces, right to choose
  15. An example of discrimination
    deny housing to someone becaue of thier race
  16. Slaves were free to leave after a 7-year contract if they were
    indentured servants
  17. Which is not part of the definition of socialization
    experiencing an on-going process
  18. This was not one of the stages in george mead's theory of self
  19. Socialization begins
    when babies bond with another human
  20. The way in which people respond ,utually to one another happens at
    macro level
  21. getting teeth knocked out in a hockey game is acceptable social interaction because
    it happens within a social structure
  22. a blended family includes these individuals in its family structure
    children of a previous relationship
  23. the first agent of socialization is
    the family
  24. the theory of imppression managment was introduced by
    Erving goffman
  25. Elisabeth kubler ross theory of socialization was based on her research study on
    phases of the dying process
  26. Respnsibilites, rights, obligations and privileges describes a person
  27. The term status in sociology refers to
    position held in society
  28. A latino congressperson describes
    achieved status
  29. being born into a wealthy family is an example of
    ascribed status
  30. A teacher who dislikes giving letter grades but college policy requires it experiences
    role strain
  31. A father who is in the National Guard and attedns school part time experiences
    role conflict
  32. Two of the requirements for a group to be considered a social group involve
    common gaols and regular interaction
  33. An example of mutually acceptable social interaction is
    basketball players scrambling for a loose ball
  34. the division of labor in the theory of bureancracy refers to
    specialized work assingments
  35. Max webers theory of bureacucracy was intended to
    organize and manage large groups
  36. The theory of socialization which suggests that a child's age appropriate behavior is alighned with his or her learning readiness is
    the theory of self
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