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  1. hush-hush
    kept secret from people
    She doesn't want anyone to know about her engagement(обязательство), so keep it hush-hush.
    совершенно секретно
  2. not to breathe a word
    He's trustworthy. If you dont want anyone to know, he won't breathe a word.
    не проронить ни звука, держать в секрете выражать что-л
  3. put our heads together
    to plane smth. together
    Let's put our heads together and solve this problem.
    совещаться, обсуждать
  4. on the q.t.
    on the quiet; secretly
    They don't want anyone else to know about this, so whatever they say
    тайком, втихомолку
  5. above board
    I want this deal to be open and above board.
  6. hassle
    Your brother is busy,so don't hassle him.
    перебранка, ссора, склока, драка, стычкаг. надоедать, докучать, спорить, ссориться
  7. put something out of your head (mind)
    to force yourself not to think about smth.
    We can't spend any more money, so just put that idea out of your head.
    выбить (выбрость) из головы
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