world travel

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  1. in seventh heaven
    very happy
    She's in world travel.
    на седьмом небе
  2. have one's head in the clouds
    be dreaming
    I'm sorry. I have one's head in the clouds.
    летать в облаках
  3. make a hit
    That movie made a hit with the audience.
    быть успешным
  4. knock one dead
    grately impress, surprise
    That is a sexy dress.It knocked him dead.
    сразить на повал
  5. mean business
    be serious
    I mean business.
    быть серьезным
  6. hand it to someone
    You have to hand it to her.
    давать высокую оценку, признать чье-л. превосходство
  7. stick to one's guns
    I will stick to my guns on that subject.
    настоять на своем, отступать: не отступать, позиция: не сдавать позиций
  8. pan out
    happen favorably
    I'm sorry it didn't pan out.
    намывать золото, преуспевать, удаваться, устраиваться
  9. keep one's fingers crossed
    I keep my fingers crossed on this one.
    скрестить пальцы на удачу

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world travel
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world travel

world travel
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