US History

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  1. After the civil war, the economy was primarily:
  2. Who was President Lincoln's Vice President and the seventeenth President of the U.S.?
    Andrew Johnson
  3. _______ was the Massachusetts Senator who fought for civil rights for blacks during the Johnson years?
    Charles Sumner
  4. Which of the following laws kept freed blacks oppressed in the South?
    Both a and b
  5. Which of the following Constitutional Amendments guaranteed due process for all citizens?
  6. Which of the following was a term used to identify members of Congress who felt that presidential reconstruction was too lenient?
    Radical Republican
  7. Which state had disputed votes during the election of 1876?
    South Carolina
  8. ________ was a term given to northern republicans who moved south after the Civil War.
  9. Farmers who rented land to farm were called
    Tenant farmers
  10. Which of the following was a government agency that was charged with providing assistance to former enslaved people and poor whites after the Civil War?
    Freedmen's bureau
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