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  1. unanimity
    complete agreement
  2. unilateral
    abitrary, one0sided, relating to only one side or part
  3. monarchy
    astate ruled by a king,queen, or emperor
  4. monopoly
    exclusive possession or control
  5. bilingual
    having or speaking two languages
  6. bipartisan
    supported by members of two parties
  7. dilemma
    difficult choice between equally bad things
  8. duplicity
    betrayal, deceit, double-dealing
  9. trilogy
    a group of three works, such as book, plays, movies, or stories
  10. trival
    unimportant, silly
  11. decade
    a ten-year period
  12. decimate
    to destory or kill a large part of
  13. centennial
    one-hundred year anniversary
  14. centigrade
    referring to a temperature scale based on 100 degree
  15. ambiguous
    not clear, having two or more meanings
  16. ambivalent
    having mixed or conflicting feelings
  17. annals
    a written records of events, especially those kept on a yearly basis
  18. perennial
    occuring again and again, constant
  19. disintegrate
    toseparate into small parts
  20. integrity
    honesty, good moral character
  21. magnanimous
    noble, above revenage or resentment, forgiving of insults
  22. magnitude
    greatness of size or importance
  23. metric
    referring to a measurement system based on grams and meters
  24. symmetrical
    balanced in physical size or form
  25. credibility
    believeabilty, ability to be trusted
  26. creed
    set of beliefs or principles
  27. discredit
    to damage in reputation, disgrace
  28. confidant
    a person who is trusted iwth the secrets of another
  29. defiant
    refusing to follow orders or rules
  30. fidelity
    faithfulness to obligation or duty
  31. veractity
    truth or accuracy of a statement or story
  32. verify
    to determine the truth or accuracy of, to confirm
  33. veritable
    unquestionable, being truly so
  34. acrophobia
    fear of height
  35. claustrophobia
    fear of closed or small spaces
  36. xenophobic
    fear or hatred of strangers, foreginers, or things that are strange or foreign
  37. delude
    to cause someone to think something that is false, to mislead
  38. destitute
    completely without money, poor
  39. deviate
    to vary from a path, course, or norm
  40. nonchalant
  41. noncommittal
    not expressing opinions or information
  42. nondescript
    not distinct, difficult to describe because it lacks individuality
  43. bury your head in the sand
    ingore unplesant or threatening news
  44. give carte blanche
    to give full, unrestricted power
  45. leave no stone unturned
    to search thoroughly, to investigate thoroughtly
  46. olive branch
    to make an offer of peace
  47. star-crossed
    doomed to a bad fate, unlucky
  48. tongue-in-cheek
    joking,insincere, without really meaning something
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