Bio Chp 27 Study Guide Part 1

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  1. 1) What kind of symmetry do sponges have?
    Asymmetry (no symmetry)
  2. Where does water enter the sponge?
  3. Where does water exit the sponge?
  4. What causes the flow of water through the sponge?
    The beating of the flagella
  5. Where are the flagella flound?
  6. Besides the beating of the flagella what is the other function of the chaonocytes?
    The obtaining of nutrients
  7. Why are sponges considered simple organisms?
    Lack a muscle system, digestive track, nervous system, circulatory system, tissue and organs
  8. What are the characteristics of true animals? (eumetazoans)
    Symmetry and tissue
  9. What are the layers that all true animals develop?
    • Ectoderm
    • Mesoderm
    • Endoderm
  10. What type of symmetry do cnidarians have?
  11. What are two body forms of cnidarians?
    • Medusa
    • Polyps
  12. What do cnidarians use to capture prey?
  13. What causes the nematocyst to fire?
    The trigger
  14. What are the three differences between the medusa and polyp?
    • Medusa: free floating, gelatinous, lots of mesoglea, mouth and tentacles face downwards
    • Polyp: Cylindrical, pipe-shaped, attached, little mesoglea, mouth and tentacles face upward
  15. What is the advantage of being bliaterally symmetrical?
    Cephalization which then led to different prats of the body becoming specialized in different ways
  16. What was the first simple organism to develop bilateral symmetry?
  17. What kind of body cavity do flatworms have?
    No body cavity do to aceolomate body
  18. Why must flatworms be flat?
    Because they don't have a circulatory system
  19. What type of symmetry do roundworms have?
    Bilateral symmetry
  20. What type of coelem do roundworms (nematodes) have?
  21. What is the advantage of psuedocoelom?
    Circulation, movement, organ function
  22. What are three classes of phylum moluska?
    Bivalves, cephalopods, gastropods
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