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  1. De-triangulating:
    The process by which an individual removes himself from the emotional field of two others.
  2. Differentiation of self:
    The ability to distinguish between thoughts and feeling and to choose between being guided by one's intellect or one's emotions. On an interpersonal level, it's the ability to experience both intimacy and independence.
  3. Emotional cut-off:
    The flight from unresolved emotional attachment to one's family.
  4. Emotional fusion:
    A blurring of psychological boundaries between self and others, and a contamination of emotional and intellectual functioning.
  5. Family projection process:
    The mechanism by which parental conflicts are projected onto the children or spouse.
  6. Family life cycle:
    The stages of family life from separation from parents, to marriage, having children, growing older, retirement, and finally death.
  7. Genogram:
    A schematic diagram of the family systems using squares to represent men, circles to indicate women, etc.
  8. Multigenerational transmission process:
    The process where-in the projection of varying degrees of immaturity to different children in the same family occurs. The child most involved in the family emotional process emerges with the lowest level of differentiation and passes problems onto succeeding generations.
  9. Nuclear family emotional process:
    The level of emotional stuck-togetherness or anxious attachment in the family.
  10. Process questions:
    Queries to explore how individuals are reacting and behaving in relationships. They are designed to increase self-focus.
  11. Relationship experiments:
    Assignments designed to help family members try behaving differently in key relationships, in order to experience what it's like to act counter to their usual emotionally driven responses.
  12. Sibling position:
    Is thought to predict what part a child may play in the family emotional process in conjunction with specific knowledge about a particular family.
  13. Societal emotional process:
    A background influence affecting all families, it describes how an increase in social anxiety results in a gradual lowering of the functional level of differentiation in the community.
  14. Triangles:
    Three person systems that are the smallest stable unit of human relations.
  15. Triangulation:
    Detouring conflict between two people by involving a third person, stabilizing the relationship between the original pair.
  16. An Undifferentiated family ego mass:
    That was Bowen's early term for emotional fusion in the family, especially prominent in schizophrenic families.
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