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  1. Plan B
    • Permanent Residents of Licensed Long-Term Facilities.
    • Full coverage on eligables.
  2. Plan C
    Recipients of BC Benefits. 100% coverage on eligables
  3. Plan D
    • Cystic Fibrosis
    • Free digestive enymes
  4. Plan F
    • Children with disabilities in the At Home program.
    • Full coverage of eligibles
  5. Plan G
    • No Charge Psychiatric Medication Plan
    • Coverage of certain psychiatic meds
    • Registration is required
  6. Plan P
    • BC Palliative Care Benefits Program
    • 100% coverage
  7. Plan P Eligibility
    • Living at home
    • Diagnosed w/ life threatening condition
    • Life expectancy under 6 months
    • Consent to care focused on pallative rather then treatment for cure
  8. BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
    • St. Pauls Hospital
    • Free antivirals for those enrolled
  9. Reference Drug Program (RDP)
    Pharmacare policy to encourage cost-effective first line prescribing for common medical conditions
  10. RDP 5 Drug Classes
    • H2 Blockers
    • NSAIDS
    • ACE Inhibitors
    • Nitrates
    • Calcium Channel Blockers
  11. Low Cost Alternative Program
    Drugs not considered to be first-line therapies or have more cost-effective alternatives
  12. Special Authority
    • Special request for coverage sent to Pharmasave by a prescribing practitioner.
    • Must prove that traditional drugs were tried and not adequate
  13. Max supply on new prescription
    30 days
  14. Max supply on a prescription
    100 days
  15. Refill coverage
    Only when refill is requested when there is >14 days left on original prescription.
  16. Pharmacare
    • Provincial Healthcare Plan
    • Provides financial assistance for eligable prescriptions and supplies
    • Assistance is based on income
  17. Fair Pharmacare Plan
    Breakdown of family incomes and relating deductions availlable to recieve.
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