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    Title or Name: Post Office Savings BankArchitect/Artist: Wagner, OttoCity: ViennaCountry: AustriaDates: 1904-1906
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    Title or Name: AEG Turbine FactoryArchitect/Artist: Behrens, PeterCity: BerlinCountry: GermanyDates: 1908-1909
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    Title or Name: Robie HouseArchitect/Artist: Wright, Frank LloydCity: ChicagoState: IllinoisCountry: United StatesDates: 1908-10
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    Title or Name: Steiner houseArchitect/Artist: Loos, AdolfCity: ViennaCountry: AustriaDates: 1910 AD
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    Title or Name: Viceroy's HouseArchitect/Artist: Lutyens, EdwinCity: New DelhiCountry: IndiaDates: 1920-1931
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    Title or Name: Church of Notre DameArchitect/Artist: Perret, AugusteCity: Le RaincyCountry: FranceDates: 1922 AD
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    Title or Name: Schroeder houseArchitect/Artist: Rietveld, GerritCity: UtrechtCountry: NetherlandsDates: 1924 Ad
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    Title or Name: BauhausArchitect/Artist: Gropius, WalterCity: DessauCountry: GermanyDates: 1925-1926
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    Title or Name: Karl Marx-HofArchitect/Artist: Ehn, KarlCity: ViennaCountry: AustriaDates: 1927
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    Title or Name: German PavilionArchitect/Artist: Mies van der RoheCity: BarcelonaCountry: SpainDates: 1929
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    Title or Name: Villa SavoyeArchitect/Artist: Le CorbusierCity: PoissyCountry: FranceDates: 1929-1931 AD
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    Title or Name: Casa del FascioArchitect/Artist: Terragni, GiuseppiCity: ComoCountry: ItalyDates: 1932-1936
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    Title or Name: Schwandbach BridgeArchitect/Artist: Maillart, RobertCity: BernCountry: SwitzerlandDates: 1933
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