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    Title or Name: Kaufmann House (Fallingwater)Architect/Artist: Wright, Frank LloydCity: Bear RunState: PennsylvaniaCountry: United StatesDates: 1936-1939
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    Title or Name: Johnson Wax buildingArchitect/Artist: Wright, Frank LloydCity: RacineState: WisconsinCountry: United StatesDates: 1936-1939 AD
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    Title or Name: Guggenheim MuseumArchitect/Artist: Wright, Frank LloydCity: New York CityState: New YorkCountry: United StatesDates: 1943-1959
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    Title or Name: Equitable Savings and LoanArchitect/Artist: Belluschi, PietroCity: PortlandState: OregonCountry: United StatesDates: 1944-47
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    Title or Name: Unite d'HabitationArchitect/Artist: Le CorbusierCity: MarseillesCountry: FranceDates: 1947-53
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    Title or Name: Farnsworth houseArchitect/Artist: Mies van der Rohe, LudwigCity: PlanoState: IllinoisCountry: United StatesDates: 1945-1951
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    Title or Name: Baker House Student DormitoryArchitect/Artist: Aalto, AlvarCity: CambridgeState: MassachusettsCountry: United StatesDates: 1947-1948
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