Nerves and hormones

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  1. How do hormones travel through the body?
    Hormones travel in our blood stream.
  2. What are the receptors?
    our receptores are the ears: receptores sensitive to sound and effect your balance. Eyes: receptors sensitive to light. Nose and tounge: receptor sensitive to chemicals for taste and smell. Skin: receptores sensitive to touch, pressure, pain and tempriture.
  3. What do we use for controlling fertility?
    • to control fertility we use a rage of diffrent items
    • 1) we use contreceptive pills which make so the body already think it is pregnant and stop releaseing eggs. and we also use more of contreceptive pills but they can have bad side effects.
  4. What are some of the side effects of contreceptive pills?
    there are increase in wight, mood swings,if you stay on for a long time then come of it, it would decrese the chances of getting pregnate
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