Christianity Terms

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  1. Advent
    • Liturgical season consisting of the 4 Sundays preceeding Christmas
    • Color: Purple
  2. Agnus Dei
    • "O Lamb of God"
    • recited shortly before the Communion
  3. Analogia Entis
    "Analogy of being"
  4. Analogia Fidei
    "Analogy of faith"
  5. Credo
    "I believe"
  6. Ecumenical Movement
    Movement among Christians concerned with recovering the unity of believers in Christ
  7. Epiphany
    • Season in the litugical calendar beginning Jan. 6
    • Color: Green
  8. Holy Orders
    The higher grades of the Christian ministry: bishop, priest, deacon
  9. Homoiousios
    • "of like substance"
    • (Arianism)
  10. John XXIII
    Pope who called the Second Vatican Council
  11. Kyrie
    Portion of mass with words "Lord have mercy"
  12. Lent
    • Forty days before Easter
    • Color: Purple
  13. Pentecost
    • The day in the church calendar fifty days after Easter which celebrates the coming of the Holy Ghost
    • Color: Red
  14. Seven Sacrements (Catholic)
    • Baptism
    • Confirmation
    • Eucharist
    • Penance
    • Unction
    • Holy Orders
    • Matrimony
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