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  1. race
    referring to a group of people who have differences and similarities in biological traits deemed by society to be socially significant ex: skin color
  2. ethnicity
    shared cultural heritage, refers to shared cultural practices, perspectives and distinctions that set apart one group from another
  3. minority group
    a group of people who because of their physical or cultural characteristics are singled out from the others in society in whcih they live for differential and unequal treatment and who therefore regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination
  4. racial systems
    society in which one race may be favored over another for example in getting a job: white over black
  5. racial discrimination
    lack of acceptance and opportunity for another race based on their physical appearance, african americans and slavery
  6. patriarchy
    a male dominated familial society
  7. industrial families
    more nuclear based, where members were close knit because of the way cities were set up.
  8. Victorian Morality
    the ideal time of when everything was 'perfect' the Victorain Laws: 1860-1960 Regulation of sex, began to fall apart during the 1950s with women going into the work force
  9. the 'second shift' (Hochschild)
    the reality of women having to go to work, then coming home to a second shift where she took care of the children and household chores
  10. social movements
    a more or less persistent and organized effort on the part of a relatively large number of people to bring about or resist change
  11. reactionary movements
    restoration of a previous state of social affairs, emphasize greatness of traditional movements
  12. neo-liberalism
    contemporary political movement; economic freedom, free trade, open markets, privitization of industries, deregulation
  13. racialization
    creating a group of people to be separated Ex: Indians moving from canada to america trying to get a green card for marriage
  14. nationality
    having common traditions or origins from a nation
  15. Jim Crow racism
    discrimination against a black people
  16. structured racism
    rental agreements, medicare, equal opportunity but not equal chances
  17. stereotypes
    associating characteristics biological or other with a group of people
  18. gender roles
    man and woman seen seperately by society, not interchangeable
  19. agrarian families
    large, needy, husband wife not as close
  20. Second Wave Feminism
    Reproduction Rights (agency - ability to control ones body), birth control pills, abortion, etc.
  21. modernization (weber)
    the process by which a society moves from traditional or preindustrial social and economic arrangements to those characteristics of industrial societies
  22. reform movements
    social movements that pursue changes that will implement existing value scheme of a society more adequately
  23. revolutionary movements
    social movement that advocates the replacement of a societies existing value scheme
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