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  1. Ailurophile
    A cat-lover
  2. Beleaguer
    the exhaust with attacks
  3. Bucolic
    In a lovely rural setting
  4. Chatoyant
    Like a cat's eye
  5. comely
  6. conflate
    to blend together
  7. Cynosure
    the focal point of admiration
  8. Dallience
    A breif love affair
  9. Demesne
    Dominion, territory
  10. Demure
    shy and reserved
  11. Denouement
    the resolution of a mystery
  12. Desutude
  13. Diaphanous
  14. Dissemble
  15. Dulcet
    sweet, sugary
  16. Ebullience
    Bubbling enthusiasm
  17. Effervescent
  18. Efflorescence
    flowering, blooming
  19. Elision
    dropping a sound of syllable in a word
  20. Elixir
    a good potion
  21. embrocation
    rubbing on a lotion
  22. emollient
    a softener
  23. ephemeral
  24. erstwhile
    at one time, for a time
  25. ethereal
    invisible but detectable
  26. evanescent
    vanishing quickly, lasting a very short time
  27. forbearance
    withholding response to provocation
  28. fugacious
  29. furtive
    shifty, sneaky
  30. gambol
    to skip or leap about joyfully
  31. gossamer
    the finest piece of thread, a spiders silk
  32. halcyon
    happy, sunny, care-free
  33. harbinger
    messenger with the news of the future
  34. imbrication
    overlapping and forming a regular pattern
  35. imbroglio
    an altercation or complicated situation
  36. imbue
    to infuse, instill
  37. incipient
    beginning, in an early stage
  38. ingenue
    a naive young woman
  39. inglenook
    a cozy nook by the hearth
  40. insouciance
    blithe nonchalance
  41. inure
    to become jaded
  42. lagniappe
    a special kind of gift
  43. languor
    listlessness, inactivity
  44. lassitude
    weariness, listlessness
  45. lissome
    slender and graceful
  46. lithe
    slender and flexable
  47. mellifluous
    sweet sounding, flowing like honey
  48. moiety
    one of two equal parts
  49. mondegreen
    a slip of the ear
  50. nemesis
    an unconquerable archenemy
  51. offing
    the sea out on the horizon, the near future
  52. palimpsest
    a manuscript written over earlier ones
  53. panacea
    a solution for all problems
  54. penumbra
    a half-shadow
  55. petrichor
    the smell of earth after the rain
  56. plethora
    a large quantity
  57. propinquity
    an inclination
  58. pyrrhic
    successful with heavy losses
  59. quintessential
    most essential, the essence of something at its core
  60. redolent
  61. riparian
    by the bank of a stream
  62. scintilla
    a spark or very small thing
  63. sempiternal
  64. seraglio
    rich, luxurious oriental place or harem
  65. serendipity
    finding something nice while looking for something else
  66. sumptuous
    lush, luxurious
  67. susurrus
    whispering, hissing
  68. talisman
    a good luck charm
  69. tintinnabulation
  70. umbrella
    protection from sun or rain
  71. untoward
    unseemly, inappropriate
  72. vestigial
    in trace amounts
  73. wafture
  74. wherewithal
    the means
  75. woebegone
    sorrowful, downcast
  76. lugubrious
    mournful, sad, of gloomy
  77. winch
    a device used for hoisting or hauling
  78. melee
    a confused fight, skirmish, or a scuffle; a confused mass of people
  79. soporific
    makes you sleepy
  80. foetid
  81. collude
    to conspire, to act together secretly
  82. necromancy
    the dark arts (communicating with the dead, witchcraft)
  83. hortatory
    • giving strong encouragement;
    • pressuring someone to do something
  84. sorties
    an attack made by soldiers in a defensive position
  85. demotic
    relating to the common pan; common to popular
  86. varily
    truly, certainly
  87. abases
  88. sibylline
    like a prophet
  89. unguents
    a salve or soomething cream
  90. prurient
    excessively sexual
  91. Irony
    when someone says or does the opposite of what is expected
  92. cosmic irony
    the idea that the fates are working agaist us
  93. dramatic irony
    when the audience knows somwthing the characters don't
  94. circumlocution
    talking in circles and not going straight to the main point
  95. obfudcation
    intentionally making something confusing or complex
  96. pedant/ pedantic
    one who is overly showy of their knowledge in an obnoxious way
  97. erudite/ -ition
    being knowledgeable or scholarly in presentation
  98. periphrasis
    an elaborate and round about way of saying something simple
  99. aposeopesis
    a breaking off in speech with an implied ending
  100. synaethesia
    the use of one sence to describe the experince of another
  101. soliloquiy
    a monologue by an actor meant to show the characters thoughts about a decision
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