Global II Quiz 6

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  1. absolutism
    the belief that monarchs hold supreme power and are responsible only to God
  2. alliance
    any union, coalition, or formal agreement between nations in their common interest
  3. annexation
    to add to existing possissions or territories
  4. apartheid
    policy of racial segregation in the Republic of South Africa
  5. appeasement
    making concessions to an aggressor in order to preserve the peace
  6. autocracy
    government in which the ruler has unlimited power
  7. autonomy
  8. bicameral
    a two-house legislature
  9. bilateral
    affecting two sides or parties in any negotiation
  10. boycott
    a refusal to buy and use certain goods
  11. coalition
    temporary alliance between parties in government
  12. collectivization
    a system in which the state owns and controls the means of production
  13. colony
    a territory controlled by an outside power
  14. coup d'etat
    sudden and violent overthrow of a government by a small group
  15. democracy
    a political system in which the people participate in making their own laws or elect representatives to make laws for them
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