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  1. sharp
    smart, witty, quick-thinking
    He is very sharp when it comes to math.
  2. feather one's nest
    That politician is very corrupt. He is out of feather his own nest.
    набивать себе карман
  3. hustler
    person who gets money aggressively or unethically
    He is a hustler.
    энергичный человек, пробивной делец; бесцеремонный человек, беззастенчивый человек; карманник; проститутка
  4. fast buck
    money obtain easily and often unethically
    He likes to make a fast buck
  5. hand over first
    rapidly (быстро)
    During the war,a lot of people made money hand over fist.
    быстро, проворно
  6. put the bite on someone
    Be carful. He's going to put the bite on you.
    попросить деньги в займы
  7. cock and bull story
    He's not going to tell me the truth. He will make up a cock and bull story.
    неправдоподобный: неправдоподобная история, небылицы (PL), басни (PL)
  8. a snowball's chance in hell
    no chance at all
    He has a snowball's chance in hell of winning this lawsuit.
    нет шансов
  9. soft touch
    I can get some money easily. My dad's a soft touch.
    чрезмерно доверчивый человек, «лопух» 2. лёгкое, пустячное дело 3. несерьёзный противник (спортсмена и т. п.
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