165 pharmacology

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  1. What chemical is produced by the body and contributes to the pain that is associated with inflammation?
  2. There are fewer sensory nerves in the ______ and ______ than in the _____ and _______
    thorax and viscera; skin and muscle
  3. More common physiologic responses to pain are ________ heart rate and blood pressure
  4. ______ are the type of drug most often used for more severe post-op pain, while ______ are more often used for
    narcotics; NSAIDs
  5. Gently talking to and stroking an animal and ________ pain in most animals
  6. What are the 3 most common side effects of narcotics in dogs?
    • bradycardia
    • panting
    • resp depression
  7. High doses of narcotics in which 2 species can cause excitement?
    cats and horses
  8. the medical term for a fever reducer is:
  9. increased response to a stimulus is known as ________ while ________ refers to the prod of pain due to a stimulus that does not normally provoke pain
    hyperalgesia; allodynia
  10. Which NSAID is contraindicated for use in dogs?
  11. alpha2 andrenergic agonists can be reversed with which 2 drugs?
    yohimbine and antiseden (atepamezole)
  12. The most common adverse reaction to NSAIDs is:
    gastrointestinal ulceration
  13. Detomidine _______ a controlled substance
    is not
  14. Corticosteroids ________ be used with NSAIDs
    should not
  15. What are kappa and mu?
    receptors that allow opioids to work
  16. T/F: a drug induced unconciousness that is controlled and reversible is known as general anes:
  17. T/F: induction with gas anes is safer than IV induction
  18. To have quick access to a vein, especially in case of emergency and needing to give drugs quickly, what do we place in a vein prior to sx?
    IV cath
  19. After intubation but before the cuff is inflated, what must be done in regard to the endotracheal tube?
    check for proper placement of the tube
  20. Are animals most likely to be hypothermic or hyperthermic after general anes?
  21. pre-anes agents are used to _______ the dose of other drugs that we give as anes
  22. Which 2 classifications of drugs may be adventageous to use due to the fact that they are reversible?
    opioids and A2 agonists
  23. How often are vitals recorded when monitoring anes?
    every 5 mins
  24. what drug is used to de-sensitize the larynx of a cat prior to intubation?
    2% liodocaine
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