Motion 4 Lesson 3 Review

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  1. 1. How do you access Motion's templates?
    Choose File > Open Template Browser or press Command-Shift-O to open the Template Browser.
  2. 2. What type of layer can be replaced with a different graphic or video directly in the Canvas?
    A drop zone layer.
  3. 3. How can you display all the layers that exist at the current playhead location?
    Press the X key to perform the Expose Active Layers command.
  4. 4. True or false: In Motion, you can modify only a drop zone and the text of a Motion template.
    False. You can modify any layer or effect just as in any Motion project.
  5. 5. Describe two ways to create a drop zone.
    Create a new drop zone by choosing Object > New Drop Zone (or pressing Command-Shift-D), or convert an existing graphic or video layer into a drop zone by selecting the Drop Zone checkbox in the Image tab of the Inspector.
  6. 6. How do you open the Template Browser in Final Cut Pro?
    Choose Sequence > Add Master Template.
  7. 7. True or false: In Final Cut Pro, you can modify only the drop zone content and the text of a Motion project.
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