Health Ch 14 Vocab

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  1. articulation
    • joint;
    • place of junctin between 2 bones
  2. bursa
    saclike cavity filled w/fluid to prevent friction
  3. cancellous
    spongy/latticelike structure
  4. cartilage
    specialized, fibrous connective tissue
  5. collagen
    white protein fibers of the skin, tendons, bone, & cartilage (connective tissue)
  6. compact
    having a dense structure
  7. degenerative
    having progressively less function
  8. extremities
    arms or legs
  9. ligament
    band of fibrous tissue that connects bones and supports joints
  10. marrow
    soft organic material filling the cavities or bones
  11. orthopedic
    pertaining to the correction of deformities
  12. periosteum
    special connective tissue covering all the bones of the body
  13. resorption
    loss of bone tissue caused by the action of specialized cells (osteoclasts)
  14. synovial
    pertaining to transparent alkaline fluid contained in joints
  15. tendon
    fibrous cord by which a muscle is attatched toa bone
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