Health Finals Key Terms

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  1. accreditation
    official authorization/approval
  2. career
  3. certification
    documentation of having met certain standards
  4. diagnosis-related grouping
    predetermined payment structure for health care services established by the federal government
  5. health
    state of optimal well-being, achieved through prevention of illness & injury
  6. insurance
    payment for health care expences which mar or may not occur, in return for a specified payment in advance
  7. licensure
    legal authority to perform an activity
  8. litigation
    • legal dispute
    • lawsuit
  9. occupation
    • vocation
    • activity in which one participates
  10. pandemic
    epidemic that spreads over a wide geographical area, affecting a large part of the population
  11. paraprofessional
    worker who assists a professional in the performace of duties
  12. profession
    occupation that requires specialized knowledge & often long & intensive academic training
  13. quackery
    treatment that pretends to cure disease
  14. registration
    official record of individuals qualified to perform certain services
  15. attitude
    mental position/feeling w/regard to a fact/situation
  16. behavior
    manner of conducting oneself
  17. character
    distinctive qualities that make up an individual
  18. communication
    exchange of information
  19. culture
    • sum of socially gained patterns that guide a person's way of live
    • includes values, beliefs, language, & thought
  20. diversity
    quality of being different
  21. habit
    act performed voluntarily w/o conscious thought
  22. heirarchy
    graded/ranked series
  23. nonverbal
    communicating w/o using language
  24. personality
    set of traits, characteristics, & behavoirs that make each person unique
  25. value
    rate of usefulness, importance, or general worth
  26. verbal
    relating to/consisting of words/sounds
  27. anthrax
    • infectious disease of warm blooded animals (such as cattle & sheep)
    • caused by spore-forming bacterium (Bacillus anthracis)
    • characterized by external ulcerating nodules or lesion in lungs
  28. antiseptic
    substance that deters the growth of micro o/g
  29. asepsis
    • freedom from infection;
    • methods used to prevent the spread of micro o/g
  30. autoclave
    unit that uses steam under pressure to sterilize materials
  31. contaminated
    soiled, made unclean, or infected w/pathogens
  32. disinfectant
    substance that kills micro o/g except viruses & spores
  33. ergonomics
    design of equipment for the workplace that maximizes productivity by reducing fatigue & discomfort
  34. pathogen
    disease causing micro o/g
  35. standard precautions
    CDC guidelines for infection control that are applied to all body fluids of all patients at all times
  36. sterile
    free from living micro o/g
  37. transmission-based precautions
    CDC guidelines for infection control applied to patients w/known or suspected infections
  38. confidential
  39. ethics
    • dealing w/what is good/bad
    • determing moral duty & obligation
  40. jurisprudent
    understanding the science/philosophy of law
  41. legal
    deriving authority from/founded on law
  42. liable
    legally responsible
  43. libel
    communicating something untruthful & harmful about another person in writing
  44. malpractice
    failure of professional skill/learning that results in injury, loss, or damage
  45. moral
    relating to principles of right & wrong
  46. negligence
    failure to execute the care that a reasonable (prudent) person exercises
  47. slander
    verbally communicating something untruthful & harmful about another person
  48. autosome
    any c/s except X & Y
  49. condition
    change from normal function that can't be cured
  50. congenital
    referring to conditions tat exist @ birth regardless of cause
  51. disease
    • interruption of normal function of body, usu. caused by micro o/g
    • can be treated
  52. dominant
    gene trait that appears when carried by only 1 in the pair of c/s
  53. electrolyte
    substance seperates into ions in solution & is capable of conducting electricity
  54. genotype
    genetic pattern of an individual
  55. heredity
    genetic transmission of trait or particular quality from parent to offspring
  56. homeostasis
    tendency of an o/g to maintain the "status quo" or the same internal environment
  57. mutation
    permanent change in a gene or c/s
  58. organism
    individual living thing, plant, or animal
  59. phenotype
    • physical, biochemical, & physiological configuartion of an individual
    • determined by genes
  60. recessive
  61. syndrome
    set of symptoms that occur together
  62. cardioversion
    restoration of normal heart rhythm by electrical shock
  63. contract
    shorten, reduce in size
  64. coronary
    • pertaining to the heart
    • coronary artieries supply blood to the heart muscle
  65. diastole
    • dilation of the heart;
    • resting phase/filling of the ventricles, alternating w/systole
  66. infarction
    area of tissue death (necrosis) caused by loss of O2 (ischemia) as a result of obstruction of circulation to the area
  67. pulmonary circulation
    carrying venous blood from the R ventricle to the lungs & returning O2ated blood to the L atrium
  68. rate
    • expression of speed/frequency of a nevent in relation to a specified amt. of time
    • # of contractions of the heart per minute
  69. rhythm
    measured movement, recurrence of an action or function at regular intervals, interval of heart contrations
  70. stenosis
    narrowing/stricture of a duct/canal
  71. stethoscope
    instrument used to listen to body sounds (ausculation), such as the heartbeat
  72. systemic circulation
    • aka general circulation
    • carrying O2ated blood from L ventricle to tissues & returning venous blood to the R atrium
  73. systole
    • filling of atria & contraction of ventricles of the heart
    • alternating w/diastole
  74. vessel
    any 1 of the many tubules in the body that carry fluid
  75. apena
    cessation of breathing
  76. bradypnea
    abnorally slow rate of breathing
  77. chronic
    persisting over a long period of time
  78. cilia
    hairlike projections from the surface of a cell
  79. dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing
  80. dyspnea
    difficult/labored breathing
  81. eupnea
    easy/normal breathing
  82. expiration
    • act of breathing out
    • aka exhalation
  83. inspiration
    act of drawing air into the lung, inhalation
  84. mediastinum
    thoracic space between the 2 lungs
  85. phlegm
    thick mucus secreted by the tissues in the respiratory passages & usu. discharged through the mouth
  86. pulmonary
    pertaining to the lungs
  87. respiration
    • exchange of O2 & CO2 between the atmosphere & cells
    • aka ventilation
  88. tachypnea
    excessively fast respiration
  89. articulation
    joint; place of junctin between 2 bones
  90. bursa
    saclike cavity filled w/fluid to prevent friction
  91. cancellous
    spongy/latticelike structure
  92. cartilage
    specialized, fibrous connective tissue
  93. collagen
    white protein fibers of the skin, tendons, bone, & cartilage (connective tissue)
  94. compact
    having a dense structure
  95. degenerative
    having progressively less function
  96. extremities
    arms or legs
  97. ligament
    band of fibrous tissue that connects bones & supports joints
  98. marrow
    soft organic material filling the cavities of bones
  99. orthopedic
    pertaining to the correction of deformities
  100. periosteum
    specialized connective tissue covering all the bones
  101. resorption
    loss of bone tissue caused by action of specialized cells (osteoclasts)
  102. synovial
    pertaining to transparent alkaline fluid contained in joints
  103. tendon
    fibrous cord by which a muscle is attached to a bone
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