Vocabulary #8 (All English Words)

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  1. Deign
    condescend reluctantly
  2. Seesucker
    a light fabric usualy striped and puckered
  3. Conniver
    one who cooperates secretly or has a secret understanding
  4. Spires
    the upper tapering parts of something
  5. Venerable
    impressive by reason or age
  6. Inure
    to accustom; to accept something undesireable
  7. Launder
    to wash (as in clothes) in water
  8. Reverbrate
    to become driven back
  9. Amiable
    friendly, sociable
  10. Infirmary
    a place where the sick are lodged for care and treatment
  11. Delirious
    confusion of disordered speech and hallucinations
  12. Decalouge
    a basic set of rules
  13. Ludicrous
    Amusing or laughable because of obvious absurdity
  14. Nave
    the main part of the church's interior
  15. Dwindle
    to become steadily less, waste away
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