Evergreen id. 11

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  1. Abutilon hybridum

    Flowering Maple

    Zone 9

    Mapleish leaf, liked for foliage and flower, blooms year round comes in yellow, pink, white, orange, and red shades, varigated leaf variety. Grows 10' tall and wide.
  2. Acacia baileyana


    Zone 9

    Xeric, yellow pom pom ball blossom, blooms in spring, really fragrant, small ferny leaf, has thorns that comes in twos, produces pods that ends in points. Grows 20-30' high and 10-15 wide.
  3. Bougainvillea spectabilis


    Zone 9

    Vine, xeric, leaf that acts like a flower (bract), comes in all colors, has thorns that it uses to climb things, flowers white in the middle, blooms year round if has bright light. Grows 15-25' long
  4. Citrus spp.


    Zone 8

    Edible fruit, white quarter sized flower, fragrant flower, fall-winter when fruit comes on, blooms in spring, some have thorns, foliage dark green leaves, likes heat (doesn't take any temp. 50 degrees F.) leaves citrusy smell when stem is broken. Grows 20-25' tall and wide.
  5. Clivia minata

    Kaffir Lily

    Zone 9

    Cool flower, orange main color, foliage is big flat leaf, basal branching, really low light tolerant, blooms spring-fall, fruit marble sized red ball, specimin for flower. Grows 2' high and wide.
  6. Jasminum polyanthum

    Pink Jasmine

    Zone 8

    True jasmin, buds pink, flowers whitish, pinnate leaf, odd pinnate leaf at the end, vine, blooms in spring. Grows 20-25' long.
  7. Trachelospermum jasminoides

    Star Jasmine

    Zone 8

    Smells like jasmine, viney shrub, if sheared is shrub, blooms in spring, small star shaped pinwheel blossom. Grows 20-25' long as a vine and 5-10' high and wide as a shrub.
  8. Agapanthus orientalis

    Lily of the Nile

    Zone 9

    Light blue or white flowers, ball of flowers on top of flower spike, summer blooming, massing or specimin for flower. Grows 2-3' high and wide.
  9. Arbutus unedo 'Compacta'

    Compact Strawberry Bush

    Zone 7

    Fruit orangy red, edible fruit, fruit comes on in summer, white bell shaped flower, specimin for fruit, smooth orange bark. Grows 5-6' high and wide.
  10. .
    Arbutus x marina

    Marina Strawberry tree/ madrona

    Zone 8

    Pink toned blossom, spring blooming, peely smooth bark, tree gets less fruith than bush. Grows 30-40' tall 20-30' wide.
  11. Eriobotrya japonica


    Zone 8

    Large leaf dentation serration, fuzzy, 50 cent piece sized fruit, white blossoms in spring, summer fruit, umbrella shaped tree. Grows 20' high and wide.
  12. Maytenus boaria

    Mayten tree

    Zone 8

    Weeping willowish, perpendicular to stem, whirled look, light yellow green foliage, street trees, specimin habit. Grows 30-40' tall and wide.
  13. Cassia spendida golden

    Golden Cassia

    Zone 8

    Even pinnate leaf, set of 4 leaflets, xeric, quarter sized yellow blossom, blooms in winter, large blossoms. Grows 15' tall and wide.
  14. .
    Erythrina caffra

    Coral Tree

    Zone 9

    Somewhat deciduous and evergreen, red-orangish toned flower, stem thorny, seed pods have red beans in it, pinkish brown bark, specimin color, flower and look, 3 large leaflets on leaf. Grows 40-50' tall and wide.
  15. Quercus virginiana

    Southern Live Oak

    Zone 7

    Wider than they are tall, grows in wet humid areas to hot dry areas, not like oak leaves, cardboardish, silvery backed leaf, xeric. Grows 40-60 tall and 60-100' wide.
  16. Quercus suber

    Cork Oak

    Zone 9

    Corks come from this, very spongy bark, spoon shaped leaf, xeric, specimin for bark. Grows 60-70' tall and wide.
  17. Eucalyptus spp.


    Zone 8

    Xeric, lots of varieties, greyish blue foliage, peely bark, specimin for bark, foliage, and fragrance, flower cup with petals on the edge, salt shaker shaped fruit, yellow, orange, white or red flower. Grows 20-50' tall and 20-40' wide.
  18. Euryops pecinatus

    Euryops Daisy

    Zone 8

    yellow flower, shrub, ferny foliage, lobed leaf, blooms year round. Grows 6' high and wide.

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