Evergreen id. 12

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  1. Indian Laurel Fig

    Zone 8

    Tree, simple dark green, low light tolerant, also can have full light, used a lot as a street tree, topiary, tolerant of urban issues. Grows 25-30' tall and wide.
  2. Ficus pumila

    Creeping Fig

    Zone 8

    Subtropical vine, very agressive. Grows 40-50' long.
  3. Gardenia jasminoides


    Zone 7

    Very fragrant white flower, shrub, glossy dark green leaves, blossoms fade to yellow, need acidity and humidity.
  4. Gelsemium sempervirens

    Carolina Jasmine

    Zone 7

    Super fragrant, vine, twining, yellow spring blooming flower. Grows 20' long.
  5. Leptospermum scoparium

    New Zealand Tea Tree

    Zone 9

    Xeric, needle-like foliage, little rosette flowers, comes in: pink, red and white. Flowers year round with biggest bloom period in the summer. Grows 5-10' high and wide.
  6. Nerium oleander


    Zone 8

    Pink-red blossoms, summer blooming, xeric, super common, large willow like leaves, screening and massing, very toxic. Grows 10-12' high and wide.
  7. .
    Olea europaea


    Zone 8

    Grey tones, xeric, specimin for habit, edible, really nasty mess, in landscape non-fruiting trees or male trees, very allergenic. Grows 30' high and wide.
  8. .
    Pittosporum tobira

    Mock orange

    Zone 8

    Shrub simple leaf, kind of propeller shaped, massing, hedging, screening, white flowers in spring, varigated forms. Grows 10' high and wide.
  9. .
    Plumbago auriculata


    Zone 9

    Viney shrub, baby blue or white blossom, leaves cluster together, yr. round flowers, best flower show summer-fall. Grows 10-15' long as a vine and 5' high and wide as a shrub.
  10. Podocarpus macrophylla

    Podocarpus (Yew Pine)

    Zone 8

    Large leaf, dense and full, dark green folliage, low light tolerant, conifer, berry cone, nickle sized yellow berry cone. Grows 20-30' tall and 10' wide.
  11. Podocarpus gracilior

    Fern Podocarpus

    Zone 8

    Pendulous habit, graceful tree. Same foliage and cone as yew pine. Grows 40-50' tall and 20-30' wide.
  12. Dietes bicolor

    Fortnight lily/African iris

    Zone 9

    Looks like iris kind of , comes in with or yellowish flower color, blooms year round, long erect folliage. Grows 3' high and wide.
  13. Calliandra californica

    Fairy duster

    Zone 9

    Xeric, one-sided flate fan bottlebrushish flower, red blossom, blooms year round. Grows 5-6' high and wide.
  14. Succulent spp.


    Zone 4-10

    Plants store water in the leaf, tissue is rubbery and fleshy, is not thorny.
  15. Euphorbia spp.


    Zone 3-11

    Looks like a cactus, but is not. May or may not have thorns, thorns come in 2's and are woody-like and branch in a v pattern. Stem structure is usually squarish, tiny button knobby flower, angular sides, bleeds white sap.
  16. Cactus spp.


    Zone 4-10

    Thorns! Thorns come out in groupings, and there are usually lots of thorns, beautiful flowers that come in all colors, new world plant found natively only in the western hemisphere.
  17. Aloe spp.


    Zone 9

    Large fleshy leaves, thorns are not sharp, blooms pretty warm toned flowers, can be any form from groundcover-trees. sz. varies on the species.
  18. Agave spp.


    Zone 8

    Very fibery-Cna make rope out the fibers, sharp thorns at the leaf tip and down the side, super hard leaves, monocarp, blooms every 100 years, scarring on leaves from being pressed together during growing.

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Evergreen identification

A continuation of Evergreen id 1-11.
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