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  1. what does the sheep and goats parable mean
    if you are kind to others you will go to Heaven if you are unkind you will go to Hell
  2. how does the sheep and goats parable affect Christians
    It encourages them to be kinder to their neighbours and think about their actions and how they can help others
  3. The key Bible verse on Judgement day says :
    • "Man is destined to die once , and after that face judgement"
    • Hebrews 9 v 27
  4. Jesus said that Judgement hinges on
    acceptance or rejection of him
  5. Jesus said that a judgement of "....... .... " or "......" happens in life
    • eternal Judgement
    • condemnation
  6. what do the goats and sheep represent
    The people compared to the sheep were the ones that acted in charity in giving to the needy food, drink, and clothing, who exhibited hospitality, and who visited the sick and those in prison. The goats seem to have done nothing in regard to these things. This resulted in salvation for the sheep and damnation for the goats.
  7. the parable of the sheep and goats is from
    Matthew 25:31-46
  8. what is the message of the parable
    good works will result from our relationship to the Shepherd, to Christ. Followers of Christ will produce good works, will treat others with kindness, will deal with others as if they were Christ. Those who reject Christ live in the opposite manner. While “goats” can indeed do acts of kindness and charity, their hearts are not truly in them for the right purpose – to honor and worship God.
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