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  1. What does Behavior mean?
    Action or activities of the individual
  2. What is Psychology?
    A science that gathers facts systematicaly.
  3. What is experimentation?
    A process to show that certain kinds of events are predictable.
  4. What is Personality?
    The relatively enduring, traits, characteristics or an individual.
  5. What is School Psychology?
    The study, diagnosis and treatment of abnormal behaviors.
  6. What is Forensic Psychology?
    Involves understanding Criminal law.
  7. What is Neuropsychology?
    The study of the relationship between the brain and behavior.
  8. What is mendal hygiene?
    Practice of measures for the prevention of mental illness.
  9. What is business psychology?
    Deals with the behavior of consumers.
  10. What is introspection?
    Consists of reporting subjective experiences when stimulated by appropriate objects.
  11. What is personality psychologists?
    Focus on the differences among people for teh purpose of classifying certain unique qualities.
  12. What is school psychologist?
    They evaluate childrens learning and emotional problems.
  13. What is psychopharmacology?
    Study of drugs and its relation to behavior.
  14. What is the case-study method?
    It's a combination of bothe naturalistic observation and testing.
  15. What is testing technique?
    Necessitates a standard stimulus to be presented to the individual.
  16. Who is John B. Watson?
    The author of Behaviorism
  17. Who is the author of Behaviorism?
    John B. Watson
  18. What is democritus?
    Bleieved that atoms in the mind moved freely  and penetrated the whole body.
  19. What did Plato believe?
    The mind or soul is distince in its own right and is god given.
  20. What did Aristotle believe?
    Perception of the external world is the result of two processes.
  21. What did Sigmund Freud believe?
    Human desires are directed and complicated by conscious motives.
  22. What did Rene Descartes formulate?
    The theory of mind and body interaction.
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