Motion 4 Lesson 4 Review

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  1. 1. How do you send clips from Final Cut Pro to Motion?
    Select the clips; then Control-click them and choose Send To > Motion Project. Or, select the clips and choose File > Send To > Motion Project.
  2. 2. When sending clips from a Final Cut sequence to Motion, which two options are selected by default?
    Launching Motion and embedding the Motion project file in Final Cut Pro.
  3. 3. If you choose to embed a Motion project file when sending clips from a Final Cut sequence to Motion, what happens to the original clips.
    The Motion project file replaces the clips in the sequence, but Final Cut creates a new sequence in the Browser with the name of the Motion project file that contains just the clips that were sent to Motion.
  4. 4. In Motion, can you apply a behavior to more than one layer at a time?
    Yes, by first selecting the layers, and then choosing the behavior from the Add Behavior icon in the toolbar or dragging the behavior onto one of the selected layers from the Library.
  5. 5. Name three attributes of a Final Cut Pro video clip that are retained when you send the clip to Motion.
    All attributes in the Motion tab of the Viewer (except Motion Blur): Scale, Rotation, Center, Anchor Point, Crop, Distort, Opacity, Drop Shadow, and Speed.
  6. 6. Which elements in Final Cut Pro are not retained when sending clips to Motion?
    Filters (with the exception of the SmoothCam filter), transitions, and generators.
  7. 7. When does Motion create separate groups for clips sent from Final Cut Pro?
    Motion creates a group for every video track of clips in Final Cut Pro; even if the track contains only generators, which Motion won't import, it creates an empty group.
  8. 8. How do you edit a Motion project embedded in Final Cut Pro?
    By using the Open in Editor command, accessed by Control-clicking the clip or by choosing Clip in Editor from the View menu.
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