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  1. Protestants who left england to form their own churches were called _______
  2. ______ were people who refused to use force or fight.
  3. ______ _____, the governor of Pennsylvania, wrote the colony's 1st constitution.
    William penn
  4. England formed it's last colony _____ for the poor and debtors to start over.
  5. The ____ had the best relations with the native Americans by adopting customs and marrying into the families.
  6. The last colony _____ was established to protect the colonies from Spain.
  7. ____ _____ paid an annual percentage to their crop harvest as rent to the land owners.
    Tenant farmers
  8. The type of farming practiced in the new England region was called _____ _____.
    Subsiatence farming
  9. _____ _____ was the type of farming done in the middle colonies
    Cash crops
  10. _____ was the major cash crop in south Carolina and Georgia.
  11. The economic theory of mercantilism, (a nations power depends on its wealth and trade) caused England to view it's north American colonies as an ______ ______.
    Economic resource
  12. The scientist Benjamin Franklin exemplified the principles of _______.
  13. ______ are a group of civilians trained to fight in emergencies.
  14. An idea proposed by Benjamin franklin, _____ ____ __ ____ called for the colonies to unite under one central government to fight the French.
    Albany plan of union
  15. The seven years war was a global conflict between the ____ and ____, in north America, it was called the french and Indian war.
    French and british
  16. During the 1730/40's, a religious revival swept through the colonies called ____ _____ ________.
    The great awakening.
  17. ____ were used as labor in the rice fields in the southern colonies.
  18. The economic theory of ________, states that a nations power is based on it's wealth and trade.
  19. The __ _____ ____ __ ______ called for one central government for all the colonies, to unite to fight the French and Indians.
    albany plan of union
  20. ______ ____ was sent to the colonies as the commander of the British forces to conquer the French.
    General bradock
  21. The ______ __ _____ 1763, marked an end to France as a power in north America.
    Treaty of paris
  22. The prime minister of Britain, _______ ____ changed war strategies, which helped Britain win the french and Indian war.
    William pitt
  23. Enslaved Africans were shipped to the west indies in the (____ ____) a small, cramped areas of a ship. This was 1/3rd of the ____ _____.
    • Middle passage
    • Triangular trade
  24. _____ _____ severed as prime minister of Britain, and oversaw the war effort from london, England
    William pitt
  25. The first college in the united states was ______ _______
    Harvard university
  26. ____ _____ was a flat, fertile region along the coast of large southern plantations.
    Tide water
  27. The southern colonies developed _____ ______ strict laws that governed and controlled slaves.
    Slave codes
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