Motion 4 Lesson 8 Review

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  1. 1. How can you view the resolution and frame rate of a Motion project?
    Choose Edit > Project Properties or press Command-J.
  2. 2. How can you view the name of a layer marker?
    Double-click the marker to open the Edit Marker dialog.
  3. 3. True or false: All generators are animated by default.
    False. Some generators are animated, and some require that you apply keyframes or behaviors to their parameters to create animation.
  4. 4. You've keyframed the positions of two layers at the same points in time to move them across the screen together. They start and end at the same time, but during the animation, they drift apart. Why?
    The keyframe interpolations of the layers do not match.
  5. 5. How can you quickly select each of the filters and behaviors applied to a selected layer without opening the Project pane or the Timing pane?
    Press the D key repeatedly to select each of the effects applied to a layer, or the layer itself.
  6. 6. How does the Paint Stroke tool differ from the Bezier tool?
    The Paint Stroke tool creates a stream of control points as you draw to produce a hand-drawn look. The Bezier tool lets you set each control point directly as you draw each time you click on the Canvas.
  7. 7. Describe two ways to apply a shape style preset to a paint stroke.
    Choose a shape style from the HUD pop-up menu, or drag it from the Shape Style category in the Library onto the paint stroke layer.
  8. 8. What behavior can you use to animate the appearance and/or disappearance of a paint stroke from the first control point to the last?
    The Write-On behavior.
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