Motion 4 Lesson 10 Review

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  1. 1. Name the two particle system components that appear in the Layers tab when you make a particle emitter.
    The emitter and the cell.
  2. 2. You've created particles from a leaf graphic you found in the Library, and made those particles spin by increasing the Spin value in the Emitter tab. But you now want each of them to spin at different rates. Which Emitter tab parameter do you adjust to do this?
    The Spin Randomness parameter.
  3. 3. How do you change particles' size during their lifespan?
    Apply the Scale Over Life behavior to the particles' cell.
  4. 4. Your particles appear at random locations on the screen, but you'd like to change those random locations. What button can you click to create a different random pattern?
    The Generate button for the Random Speed parameter.
  5. 5. What's the primary difference between a particle emitter and a replicator?
    A particle emitter creates a continuous stream of particles that are born, stay onscreen for some time, and then die. A replicator creates a fixed number of elements in a static pattern.
  6. 6. How can you animate a replicator's elements so that they fade onto the screen, one after the other?
    Use the Sequence Replicator behavior, add the Opacity parameter, set the parameter to 0, and set Sequencing to From.
  7. 7. Name three shapes that can be chosen from the Shape parameter pop-up menu for a particle emitter or a replicator.
    Line, Rectangle, Circle, Burst, Spiral, Wave, Geometry, and Image. Particle emitters can also have a Point shape.
  8. 8. True or false: You can use a QuickTime movie as the source for a particle emitter, but you can't use it as a replicator source.
    False. You can use images, image sequences, movies, or many of Motion's objects (text, generators, shapes) as sources for both emitters and replicators.
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