Motion 4 Lesson 13 Review

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  1. 1. You want to create a hole in a layer to reveal the layers underneath. You add a mask with the Circle Mask tool, but instead of creating a hole in the layer, it restricts the layer's visibility to the area inside the circle. How can you make it do the opposite?
    In the HUD or the Mask tab of the Inspector, select the Invert checkbox.
  2. 2. What parameters of a layer can you stabilize using the Stabilize behavior?
    Position, Rotation, and Scale.
  3. 3. When using the Match Move behavior to track the position and rotation of one layer to another, what is the minimum number of trackers you need to place?
  4. 4. You are creating a mask with the Bezier Mask tool. You know that the mask must be animated to change over time. How many control points should you create?
    Create as few control points as possible but enough to create an accurate mask.
  5. 5. When animating a mask with recording enabled, name two other parameters you can change on the mask in addition to changing the positions of individual control points.
    You can change any of the mask's Feather amount and its Transform properties, such as Position, Scale, and Rotation, and all will be recorded as keyframes.
  6. 6. You've applied the Levels filter to a layer but the HUD is empty. Where can you adjust the filter?
    You can adjust the filter in the Filters tab of the Inspector.
  7. 7. The mask outline is making it difficult to see the edge of the layer and how it blends into the layer underneath. How can you hide the outline without deselecting the mask?
    Choose Show Overlays from either the View and Overlay pop-up menu or from the View menu. Or, press Command-/ (slash) to turn off all the overlays.
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